6 Delicious Ways to Flavor Lemonade

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We love lemonade in the summer. It is our favorite refresher and we can’t get enough of it. I always make a big pitcher of it for parties and even take it in coolers to the beach. The fun part about lemonade is that there are so many ways you can flavor it. You can add all kinds of delicious berries, herbs, even syrups to make it taste however you want. The other day we thought it would be fun to flavor up our lemonade so we went to Target and picked up some delicious provisions. We also got a few cute decorations, straws, and summery shapes to dress up our lemonade table!

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    A Lemonade Party
  • Berries! 2 of 9
    Flavor Lemonade with Berries

    Fresh raspberries and strawberries make delicious flavorings for fresh lemonade. Cut them in half and allow the sweet fruit juices to seep into the lemony beverage.

  • Blueberries! 3 of 9
    Blueberry Lemonade

    Even berries like blueberries make great flavoring for lemonade. Try adding them with lots of ice and enjoy the delicious blueberry flavor. Try pinching them to extract a little extra blueberry juice!

  • Herbs 4 of 9
    Flavor Lemonade with Herbs

    Fresh herbs are an amazing way to flavor lemonade. I like to go outside and pluck a few of our favorites from our herb pot. This time I used some lemon thyme. I've also used torn basil, torn mint leaves, and even lavender.

  • Beautiful Traditional Lemonade 5 of 9
    Serve Lemonade in a pitcher

    When it comes to flavoring lemonade you don't necessarily have to make it flavored at all. Just make it nice and strong and serve it with plenty of ice. To make your lemonade nice and pretty, serve it up in a glass caraffe. Use summery spongy shapes that you can get at Target as coasters. They make the setting so pretty!

  • Pink Lemonade 6 of 9
    Pink Lemonade

    A lot of times pink lemonade is colored with strawberry pruree or a little food coloring. We bought our favorite pink lemonade concentrate at Target and made it straight from that!

  • Iced Tea Lemonade 7 of 9
    Iced Tea Lemonade

    Try mixing lemonade and iced tea together to make a classic Arnold Palmer. This is always a fun twist on lemonade and is a welcome refresher, especially for the adults.

  • Pretty Accessories 8 of 9

    Don't forget to pick up pretty straws and napkins for your lemonade table. These cool wares from Target make the table so festive and summery!

  • A festive table 9 of 9
    A pretty lemonade table

    To make your lemonade table super delicious try flavoring each glass differently and letting guests pick what they want!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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