6 Most Fattening Summer Drinks to Avoid

With summer in full swing, I’ve been watching my calories. Even though I didn’t lose the weight I wanted before bathing suit season hit, I have been trying really hard not to gain any additional weight. With all the running around and busy schedules associated with summer, I’ve been tempted with some of the delicious drinks available. But after a little research, I decided it was best to just keep drinking my water or tea, unless I was at home to make my own cool summer treat. Here’s the list of the top 6 summer drinks to avoid if your watching calories:

1. Iced Blended Frozen Coffee Drinks -This oh so delicious beverage, better known as a Frappacino at Starbucks is loaded with calories. Shockingly, Starbuck’s Tazo Green Tea Frappacino, something you would think sounds healthy, has 650 calories in it. If at all possible, you should avoid anything with the name frappacino in it. For a healthier option, try an iced latte.

2. Milkshakes – Unless you make a milkshake at home, and are able to control the type of ingredients you make it with, you should pass these up or spend more time on the treadmill. Large shakes at popular chain restaurants like Steak and Shake can be over 1000 calories. For a healthier alternative, make your shakes at home using frozen yogurt in place of ice cream, and skim milk.

3. Coolattas – These icy treats from Dunkin Donuts can be loaded with calories. They come in lots of delicious coffee and fruity flavors, but some Coolattas come close to 1000 calories. If you must have one, make sure to ask them to make it with skim milk.

4. Frozen Blended Drinks -Frozen alcoholic drinks like piña coladas and strawberry daiquiris are drinks you’ll want to avoid while lounging around the pool.  Piña coladas can have as much as 880 calories, so these are definitely things to avoid. A better option would be a fruity martini.

5. Alcoholic drinks with cute names – It’s sad, but most all cutesy cocktails are loaded with calories. Mai Tais, mudslides, long island ice teas and even margaritas are a few of many that are loaded in calories. For a lower calorie option, choose a cosmopolitan, flavored vodka martinis, a mojito or a bloody mary. Light beers and wine, including sangrias are also better choices.

6. Diet Sodas – I know there are no calories in diet soda, so how could it be on the list? Recent research suggests all those diet sodas do actually cause weight gain. Scientists think the artificial sweetener triggers appetite and when that appetite is not satisfied with actual sugar, we continue to be hungry. So say goodbye to your favorite diet sodas, mine was diet Dr. Pepper, and go back to regular soda or reserve them for once in a while treats now. For a healthier alternative, try sparkling water.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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