6 Refreshing & Simple Homemade Summer Popsicles

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The heat is on! In the Northeast anyway. It was a scorcher over the weekend and we decided to whip up some quick homemade popsicles to cool down. It was so much easier, and fun, to do than running out and getting the pre-made ones that are overly sweet and sure to stain. Instead, I picked up some fresh fruit juices, simple syrup, yogurts, fruits, and the like from Target and went to town. We even had some fun incorporating a few fresh herbs from the herb pot! Admittedly, I was more of a fan of those than my daughter, but the adults need their own flavors too. I just use the simple popsicle makers that you throw in the freezer to make our popsicles. They are inexpensive and easy to use and are very kid-friendly. They are also easy to clean which is key! Here is a little peak at the delicious flavors we made:

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  • Pink Lemonade Popsicles 2 of 8
    Basic Pink Lemonade

    These are definitely the simplest of the bunch! They are also my daughter's favorite. I pour pink lemonade into the popsicle maker and freeze it. It truly is as simple as 1-2-3.

  • Blueberry Lemonade 3 of 8
    Lemonade Blueberry

    I love how frozen fruit tastes in the summer and it is even better when it is encased in lemonade! For these I add the blueberries to the popsicle maker first and then filled it with lemonade. I loved getting a little bite of blueberry with each popsicle lick.

  • Mixed Berry Yogurt 4 of 8
    Mixed Berry Yogurt

    I love a good frozen yogurt in the summer so this popsicle totally fits the bill. I like to sweeten the yogurt a tiny bit with simple syrup and add in fresh cut fruit like strawberries and blueberries.

  • Cran-Strawberry 5 of 8
    Cran Strawberry

    We LOVE cranberry juice in our house so my daughter came up with this version of cranberry juice with chopped strawberries. It tastes amazing and is a HUGE hit. I proposed adding orange juice to make it Cran-Orange Strawberry but she thought that was too complicated. (However, I think it would be great and suggest you try it!)

  • Raspberry Yogurt 6 of 8
    Raspberry yogurt

    Another fun way to make a frozen yogurt popsicle is to blend the berries and yogurt together and make it into a fresh puree. Then freeze and enjoy!

  • Aranciata 7 of 8

    I have to admit, we made this for my husband. He is addicted to the San Pellegrino Aranciata beverages (blood orange soda) so I poured one into a popsicle maker and froze it. When he got home to try it it was a major hit.

  • Basic Popsicle Maker 8 of 8
    Simple Popsicle Maker

    I start with a basic freezer popiscle maker. It is so easy to use and easy to clean!


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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