6 Uses for Leftover Chocolate-Covered Berries

I was browsing my favorite food blogs this day-after-Valentine’s-Day and Choosing Raw proclaimed, “If chopping up choc-covered strawberries and putting them in chia pudding is wrong, I don’t want to know what’s right.” Ding! Good idea indeed! I too had a fridge full of leftover chocolate-dipped berries so I decided to think of a few creative ways to use them. Here are my 6 Uses for Leftover Chocolate-Covered Berries.

6 Uses for Leftover Chocolate-Covered Berries

1. Pudding or Chia Pudding. As Gena said on her blog, she was taking her raw chocolate-covered berries and chopping them up for her chia pudding. This idea is not only yummy, but super healthy! Chia pudding is rich in fiber and omega fatty acids – plus adding in some berries boosts nutrition. Dark chocolate-covered berries – or raw like Gena’s – would be the most antioxidant-filled chocolate source. You could also fold the chopped bits into a traditional vanilla or chocolate pudding for dessert.

2. Cold Cereal. Chop those berries and toss them right over top your favorite cold morning cereal. Chocolate and berries both mesh quite well with grains like rice, oats, and wheat.

3. Hot Cereal. How does melted chocolate-covered-berry oatmeal sound to you? It may be too sweet for some, but kids and choco-loving adults will love swirling melted berries into hot oatmeal or cream of rice or wheat. Fresh sliced banana and nuts over top would be a nice accent too.

4. Smoothies. If you are making a smoothie today — make it a chocolate-covered strawberry smoothie! Try this recipe: 1 cup soy milk + 3/4 cup frozen strawberries + 1 banana + 1/4 cup ice + 1 tsp agave syrup + 2 tsp cocoa powder + 1/2 cup chopped chocolate-covered berries. Chocolate meets strawberries meets creamy banana and soy.

5. Sundae Topping. Sprinkle chopped chocolate covered strawberries over the top of your frozen dessert. I’d take vanilla coconut milk ice cream and add a handful of chopped chocolate-covered berries. Add a dash of cinnamon and maybe a few chopped walnuts. Yummy dessert for a post-Valentine’s Day treat!

6. Morning Mocha – Side of Berries. Swirl a berry right into your morning hot coffee. The chocolate will melt from the berry and swirl into mocha bliss. You can then eat the warm berry whole. To make a nice rich mocha you will probably need to swirl in 2-4 berries depending on size. The strawberry part could also be chopped and tossed over breakfast cereal!

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