Variations on the All-American Apple Pie

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We’ve all heard the saying as “American as Apple Pie,” and these variations are equally all-American! Definitely delicious and oh, so creative. Next time you have a craving for that piled-high sweet and cinnamon-y apple pie why not try one of these variations, like an apple pie baked inside an apple. No baking dish required. ; ) You can find all of our scrumptious versions in our slideshow after the jump! Go ahead and grab your apples. You’re going to need them.

  • Mini Apple Pie Pops 1 of 7
    How cute are these? Guess what? All you need is a box of apple pie turnovers and some sticks and they're all yours!
    Make mini apple pie pops
  • Fried Apple Pies 2 of 7
    Love McDonald's fried apple pies? Now you can make this copycat version at home. We think you'll think these are even tastier.
    Make fried apple pies
  • Mini Roasted Apple Pies 3 of 7
    Another mug miracle! These single serving pies start out with roasted apples and are finished off with a flaky lattice top.
    Make mini roasted apple pies
  • Free Form Apple Pie 4 of 7
    Rustic, free form, whatever you call them they're delicious. Go ahead and let the creativity flow.
    Make free form apple pies
  • Apple Pie Applesauce 5 of 7
    Want all the flavor of an apple pie but not the hassle? Make this apple pie applesauce instead.
    Make apple pie applesauce
  • Apple Pie in an Apple 6 of 7
    Apples are the perfect baking vessel for pie! Go ahead and give it a pie!
    Make apple pie in an apple
  • Apple Pie Oatmeal 7 of 7
    Now it's completely okay to have dessert for breakfast. When it's in oatmeal form, of course! Who's the cool Mom now?
    Make apple pie oatmeal


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