7 Awesome New Water Bottles for Back to School


When it comes to keeping your little one going throughout the school day proper nutrition and hydration are key. Last week I told you about my favorite lunchboxes for kids they are all both cool looking and practical. Today I am going to share my favorite water bottles for kids. A water bottle is a really key component for lunchboxes because they can be filled to the brim with a healthy beverage like water, milk, or diluted natural juice. In many cases, children access their water bottle throughout the school day (in addition to lunch time) to stay hydrated, and maybe even use it during sports practice. For these reasons it is important to choose a water bottle wisely. Durability is, obviously, a key factor since kids often knock and throw their backpacks about in school. It is also important that the bottle is easy to seal to prevent leakage, and easy to drink out of. Certain bottles are insulated for the purpose of keeping beverages cold throughout the day, while others are clear and won’t really retain cold or warmth at all. Choose one that best fits your child’s lifestyle and enjoy the start to the school year!

  • Camelbak Kids Bottles 1 of 7
    My daughter has one of these bottles and we love it. It is clear so it is not ideal for insulating drinks, but the snap top spot makes it easy to open and close. The loop at on the top also makes it ideal for hanging in lockers or off backpacks. The specially designed stem seals of if a person is not drinking from it which is ideal for leak prevention. It retails for $13.00.
    Get this water bottle on Rei.com
  • Playtpus 2 of 7
    This cool water bottle is designed to fit in backpacks and sports bags. It is completely flexible and is just as durable as a hard plastic sports bottle. When it is empty it rolls up and fits in your purse! Best of all, if you are carrying a heavy load this bottle weights 80% less than hard bottles, making it ideal when you need to keep it light. It retails for $7.95.
    Find authorized retailers for this water bottle on Platypus.com
  • Crocodile Creek 3 of 7
    This awesome water bottle is one of the most popular amongst my daughter's crowd. It is durable, made of stainlesss steel which is great insulation, and it comes in a huge variety of designs. It is also the perfect size for fitting inside many standard size children's lunchboxes. It retails for $11.95
    Get this water bottle on Crocodilecreek.com
  • Kid Basix Safe Sporter 4 of 7
    This awesome water bottle is another personal favorite. My daughter loves the easy to grip handle and I love that it has a "coaster" on the bottom. The coaster is so great for protecting furniture when the water bottle is used in the house! It retails for $16.10.
    Get this water bottle on Soap.com
  • Thermos Funtainer 5 of 7
    I've always loved the classic Thermos brand. This double-insulated water bottle is the perfect size for kids hands and is capable of keeping liquids nice and chilly. Their matching food containers are still the best for sending soup to school in the lunchbox. It retails for $15.99.
    Get this water bottle on Thermos.com
  • Think Baby Sports Bottle 6 of 7
    This awesome bottle is especially great for your little athlete. It doesn't sweat when filled cold liquid and the narrow drinking spout makes it perfect for drinking on the go. It is also contoured nicely so that it can be easily gripped in one hand. It retails for $20.29.
    Get this water bottle on Diapers.com
  • Nalgene for Kids 7 of 7
    Naglene makes great outdoor products for adults and their kids water bottle is pretty swell too. It is designed just like their regular water bottles, for durability in the outdoors. It is easy to clean and the perfect size for small hands. This simple bottle is perfect for school or hiking. It retails for $9.25
    Get this water bottle on Nalgene.com

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