7 Decadent New Desserts You've Never Seen Before


From time to time the blogosphere lights up with seriously inventive treats and eats. Such, it seems, is the fate of this summer. There have been so many new, gorgeous recipes from food bloggers everywhere that it’s time you give your classic dessert go-to menu ¬†makeover! Here are 7 totally new recipes you’ve never seen before that will have you hopping, skipping, and singing in the kitchen as you bake away!

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Icebox Cake 1 of 7
    Chocolate Chip Cookie Icebox Cake
    Chocolate chip cookies turn into a deliciously stunning cake with this beautiful Chocolate Chip Cookie Icebox cake recipe.
    Get our recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookie Icebox Cake.
  • Dessert Nachos 2 of 7
    Dessert Nachos
    Dessert Nachos topped with a cream cheese icing are an absurdly delicious, unique treat that you might just want to eat every night of the week.
    Get the recipe for Cinnamon Dessert Nachos.
  • Cinnamon Roll Cake 3 of 7
    Cinnamon Roll Cake
    Cinnamon Roll Cake. It's real. It's happening. Betchya want to get right on it before dinnertime!
    Get the recipe from Joans Food Wanderings.
  • Blue Velvet Blueberry Cake 4 of 7
    Blue Velvet Blueberry Cake
    Everyone loves red velvet cake, so imagine the joyous rampage that will happen in your kitchen when you serve up this homemade Blue Velvet Cake with Blueberries.
    Get the recipe from I Heart Chocolate Milk.
  • Snickers Profiteroles 5 of 7
    Snickers Profiteroles
    Heya, Creampuff. How about we take the classic profiterole and mix it with Snickers? Yeah, we thought you'd like that. Grrrr.
    Get the recipe from Bakers Royale.
  • Mini Cake Batter Cinnamon Rolls 6 of 7
    Mini Cake Batter Cinnamon Rolls
    No-Rise, 20-minute cake batter cinnamon buns might just be cuter (and tastier) than any other breakfast you'll ever dream up, pull out of the oven, or nibble all over in the morning.
    Get the recipe from Sally's Baking Addiciton.
  • Cinnamon Roll Donuts 7 of 7
    Cinnamon Roll Donuts
    Cinnamon Roll Baked Donuts.
    Get the recipe from Top with Cinnamon.


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