7 Delicious Things to Make with Leftover Coffee

Coffee Donut Bread Pudding

One of things that is always a problem in our house is leftover coffee. My husband makes a whole pot in the morning and there is nearly always at least a cup or two leftover. Lately I’ve been working on saving the coffee and using it for other things. Sometimes it is as simple as making coffee ice cubes. Other times I’ll use it to bake an awesome chocolate cake. Here are some of my favorite things to make with leftover coffee. Stop pouring it down the drain!

  • Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting 1 of 7
    There is no better way to highlight the flavor of chocolate than with coffee. Save some of that leftover brew to make these luscious chocolate cupcakes. They are perfect for dessert, parties, or even can be frozen for later!
    Make chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting
  • Coffee Granita 2 of 7
    When you are finished with your coffee save the last two cups and freeze it to make this awesome coffee granita. It is perfect fr enjoying later in the day or the next morning when it is too hot to turn on the coffee maker!
    Make coffee granita
  • Coffee Almond Ice Cream 3 of 7
    Extra espresso? No problem, make a delicious batch of cold coffee almond ice cream. There is nothing better than coffee ice cream flavored with real coffee!
    Make coffee almond ice cream
  • Coffee Milkshake 4 of 7
    When you are finished with your coffee in the morning keep it in the fridge for the rest of the morning. When you need a tasty caffeine boost in the afternoon whip up this cold milkshake infused with fresh coffee and enjoy!
    Make a coffee milkshake
  • Coffee Ice Cubes 5 of 7
    One of the fastest things to do with coffee is pour it into ice cube trays and save it for later. There is nothing better than using coffee ice cubes to chill your iced coffee the next morning!
    Make coffee ice cubes
  • Coffee Donut Bread Pudding 6 of 7
    Continue breakfast with the rest of the coffee from the pot and make this awesome donut bread pudding for a late brunch or dessert after dinner.
    Make coffee donut bread pudding
  • Espresso Coconut Cream Pie 7 of 7
    This vegan cream pie is infused with flavor from two shots of espresso. When you have two extra shots on your hands treat yourself to this for dessert!
    Make espresso coconut cream pie


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