7 Easy Granita Recipes to Cool Off with This Summer

Granita is a wonderfully refreshing and cool Italian dessert somewhere between an Italian ice and a sorbet. Often fruity, it can be made with other flavors, too, but whatever you make it with, it’s always fresh and simple.

Ready to make your own? Here are seven fantastic and easy granita recipes to cool down your summer!

  • 7 Refreshing Granita Recipes 1 of 8
    7 Easy Granita Recipes

    Cool off this summer with a sweet and simple granita recipe!

  • Strawberry Margarita Granita 2 of 8

    While purists may debate whether or not it's truly a granita, we say that with strawberry, lime, and tequila, it's a refreshing and relaxing summer treat, so we'll let it slide.
    Babble Food has the recipe
    Image: Paula Jones 

  • Basil Strawberry Lemonade Granita 3 of 8

    Basil gives this strawberry lemonade granita a sophisticated taste grown-ups will love.
    Babble Food has the recipe
    Image: Shaina Olmanson

  • Blackberry Granita 4 of 8

    Containing only blackerries, juice concentrate, and lemon juice, this summery granita recipe couldn't be easier to make. It also couldn't be more delicious!
    Babble Food has the recipe
    Image: Jaime Richardson 

  • Iced Coffee Granita 5 of 8

    Granita is usually fruit flavored, but as this iced coffee version demonstrates, there are any number of ways to make this delicious treat.
    Babble Food has the recipe
    Image: Kelsey Banfield 

  • Dark Cherry Granita 6 of 8

    When it's too hot outside to even move, it's nice to remind yourself that at least it's cherry season. This dark cherry granita is the perfect way to do just that!
    Babble Food has the recipe
    Image: Kelsey Banfield 

  • Strawberry Mint Granita 7 of 8

    Granita is meant to be refreshing, so few combos could be more apt than strawberry and mint.
    Babble Food has the recipe
    Image: Jenny Rosenstrach 

  • Espresso Granita in a Bag 8 of 8

    Want to make granita but find that freezer space is at too much of a premium? Try making it in a bag and get the same great result with much less space.
    Babble Food has the recipe
    Image: Kelsey Banfield 

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