7 Fall Drinks on the Secret Starbucks Kids Menu

I’ll admit, we spend more money at Starbucks than we probably should. When we lived in Manhattan I stopped in nearly twice a day with my little baby girl and would also try to find things both of us could enjoy. Over time I got to know the “secret” kids menu. A few things were in plain sight, but a lot of things were not. For example, one Mom taught me how to order a raspberry Italian soda, another let me in on the secret “babycinno.” I already knew about vanilla steamers but was happy to rediscover them just in time to introduce them to my daughter. Here are seven delicious drinks that you could order for your children at Starbucks that are all caffeine free. I’ve also included easy recipes for recreating the recipes successfully, and more cheaply, at home!

  • Caramel Apple Cider 1 of 7
    Caramel apple cider is regular cider warmed up and drizzled with a touch of caramel and whipped cream. This apple treat is terrific for kids and easy to replicate at home!
    Make caramel apple cider
  • Chocolate Smoothie 2 of 7
    Did you know Starbucks has a whole menu of smoothies? A tall chocolate smoothie can be a great treat for kids and contains no coffee whatsoever. If you want to try making this smoothie at home here is another good one that is healthy and easy to whip up!
    Make a chocolate smoothie
  • Kids Hot Chocolate 3 of 7
    A simple kids hot chocolate always aims to please. When the barista knows it is for a child he or she will make sure it is not too hot. This simple drink contains no coffee and is perfect for warming up after sledding. It is also easy to make at home with this simple recipe!
    Make kids hot chocolate
  • Kids Peppermint Hot Chocolate 4 of 7
    If your child is in the mood to take his or her hot cocoa a step further ask the barista to add a shot of peppermint syrup! Here is a simple way you can also make this at home using peppermint extract.
    Make peppermint hot chocolate
  • Homemade Italian Sodas 5 of 7
    For a simple kids treat ask the barista to add a shot of Italian syrup to a cup with ice. Then pour in one of the little bottles of Pellegrino for an instant Italian soda! If you want to get adventurous with flavors try making your own simple syrups at home and creating new, interesting sodas that are just as fun as the ones at Starbucks.
    Make your own simple syrups and Italian sodas
  • Babycinno 6 of 7
    The "babycinno" is the new chic drink around Brooklyn these days. To order one for your child simply ask for his or her favorite milk (cow, soy, other) to be steamed until completely frothy and topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon or chocolate!
    Check out how the Moms are drinking it in Brooklyn
  • Vanilla Steamer with Cinnamon 7 of 7
    A vanilla steamer is the ultimate comfort beverage for adults and is a delicious treat for kids. Sweetened with notes of vanilla and a topping of whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon. If you can't make it to Starbucks, you can also make it at home. It is even great for dessert!
    Make a vanilla steamer with cinnamon


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