7 Food Marketing Fails: Products That Bombed Big Time

Perhaps you remember the Arch Deluxe, the massive burger launch from McDonalds that was pulled from menu’s after an aggressive (and expensive) marketing campaign? Good memory. Now, what about Funky Fries, Crystal Pepsi, or these other fascinatingly inedible food products that couldn’t be saved by clever marketing. Take a walk down memory lane and discover the secrets behind seven products that barely saw the light of day.

  • Crystal Pepsi 1 of 7
    Crystal Pepsi
    After a few test markets responded positively to this "pure," caffeine-free version of Pepsi, the company launched Crystal Pepsi in 1992 with the slogan, "You've never seen a taste like this." But consumers clearly preferred the original, soda color and all. The marketing mind behind the campaign, David C. Novak, admitted in an interview, "I still think it's the best idea I ever had, and the worst executed.…It would have been nice if I'd made sure the product tasted good. Once you have a great idea and you blow it, you don't get a chance to resurrect it." Pepsi went back to square one.
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  • Nerds Cereal 2 of 7
    Nerds Cereal
    Kevin Ruby Deering, brand manager for Nestle created the idea for Nerds candy in 1983, then Robert Boutin worked on the product development and commercialization of Nerds, bringing it to be named "Candy of the Year" in 1985 by NCWA. The candy was so well received, it inspired a multitude of other creations, including breakfast cereal which came with a coupon on the back of the box redeemable for a Nerds cereal bowl, which separated two flavors in a single bowl. Sales of the cereal were meager and it was pulled from shelves before long.
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  • Watermelon Green Tea Punch 3 of 7
    Watermelon Green Tea Punch
    Enviga was launched by Nestea as a carbonated, green-tea based, calorie-burning drink. The company pulled the drink from stores after sales we bad, and generally deciding the concept was "too difficult to explain" to time-crunched consumers.
    Get all the benefits of Green Tea without all the confusing marketing mumbo jumbo with this Watermelon Green Tea Punch.
  • Reddi-Bacon 4 of 7
    Coming off the success of Reddi-Whip brand whipped cream, this packet of processed meat cooked in a toaster for a super quick hunk of breakfast pork. Though the product was well-received by many consumers, the packages would sometimes leak, leaving a pool of grease at the bottom of appliances, and creating a fire-hazard for households.
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  • Funky Fries 5 of 7
    Funky Fries
    If anyone knows how much Americans love fries, it's Orieda. Hoping to capitalize on this classic side dish, the company launched five new flavors coated with 'kiddie ketchup'. The new flavors included cocoa, cinnamon, and "Kool Blue." After a year of marketing, the product was pulled from shelves due to poor sales.
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  • Colgate Kitchen Entrees 6 of 7
    Colgate Kitchen Entrees
    After a person eats a meal, a person has to brush their teeth, right? So what better way to marketing a Toothpaste that put its name on a packet of ready-made dinner entrees. At least, that's what the makers of Colgate thought. Consumers almost instantly rejected the idea of eating a brand of dinners labeled with the same brand as their toothpaste, and the product was pulled from shelves.
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  • Coors Rocky Mountain Spring Water 7 of 7
    Coors Rocky Mountain Spring Water
    Anything bottled from the top of the Rocky Mountains has got to be worth drinking. Unless, of course, it's bottled with the Coors name, and has nothing to do with beer. In which case, no amount of marketing dollars could save this confusing product from its quick demise.
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