7 Grown-Up Versions of Childhood Favorites

Grown-up Childhood Favorites

My daughter is a good eater, but she doesn’t always eat what we like. However, I don’t mind that she likes plain tomato soup (no green stuff, please!), regular mac-n-cheese, and basic breaded chicken. I was young once too and remember how much I liked sticking to the tried and true. However, now that I am the parent I prefer to enjoy the grown-up versions of my childhood favorites. I’ve banished bland chicken soup forever in favor of a more spicy version, and prefer a healthier interpretation of mac-n-cheese. When I eat anything chocolatey I prefer a shot of coffee in it to make it mocha. Here are seven delicious grown-up versions of my childhood favorites. Who knows, maybe the kids will eat them too!


  • Affogato 1 of 7
    This is as simple as it gets. Vanilla ice cream, a classic childhood favorite, is given an instant adult makeover with a shot of espresso.
    Make affogato
  • Walnut Chicken Strips 2 of 7
    Walnut Chicken Strips
    What adult wants to eat chicken fingers? Not anyone I know. But if you swap out the breadcrumbs for walnuts and spice them up a bit, they become perfect for adults and kids alike!
    Make walnut chicken strips
  • The Dadburger Delux 3 of 7
    The Dadburger Delux
    Even the most burger-loving child might shy away from this mega-sandwich -- but Dad won't!
    Make a dadburger delux
  • Frozen Mocha Hot Chocolate 4 of 7
    Frozen Mocha Hot Chocolate
    Kids love frozen hot chocolate, but parents love it when there is a little coffee added in. Make it a mocha and enjoy a little caffeine as your ultimate indulgent treat!
    Make frozen mocha hot chocolate
  • Southwest Chicken Soup 5 of 7
    Southwest Chicken Soup
    Chicken soup soothes the soul. When you were a child that soup might have been pretty basic, but as an adult you are ready for more flavor and, of course, a spicy kick. Look no further than this awesome southwestern-style soup; it is soothing for the grown-up soul.
    Make southwest chicken soup
  • Spinach & Feta Mac-n-Cheese 6 of 7
    Spinach & Feta Mac-n-Cheese
    Most kid-approved mac and cheese recipes are made with some variation of cheddar and monterey jack. But this grown-up version is made with tangy feta and healthy spinach.
    Make spinach and feta mac and cheese
  • Tomato Soup Florentine 7 of 7
    Tomato Soup Florentine
    Kids loves tomato soup but this version gets dressed up for the adults with spinach, shallots and a hint of spice. The best part? It is still perfect for dipping grilled cheese!
    Make tomato soup Florentine

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