7 Interesting Household Uses for Butter

Butter has been used for all kinds of household needs for generations. The oil and fat that gives it that wonderful flavor also makes it a great lubricant and moisturizer. I remember watching my grandparents grab a pat of butter to help lessen the severity of a bruise or to moisten dry hands. I thought that was pretty strange when I was a child. I’ve even heard of people using it to sooth a cat just after moving to a new home. Apparently a little butter on a cat’s claws will keep him occupied on licking the butter off versus being wary of his new surroundings.

Here are 7 other interesting household uses for butter. Click on the slideshow below and let us know if you’ve tried any of these tips or if you have any other interesting butter tips of your own.

  • Untangling Jewelry 1 of 7
    Untangling Jewelry
    When that dainty gold necklace gets knots in it, don't fret. Simply apply a little bit of butter to the knot and use a pin or needle to untangle the gold. Then wash with a little soapy water and voila! This worked wonders on a delicate gold chain my husband gave to me. Photo Credit;
  • Removing Tree Sap 2 of 7
    Removing Tree Sap
    We live in a pine forest, so sap on our clothing and the car windshield is a common occurrence. Apply a little bit of butter and then wash the affected area to remove sap. Photo Credit;
  • Removing Gum in Hair 3 of 7
    Removing Gum in Hair
    A little bit of butter will remove even the toughest gum entangled locks. My mother did this trick on my hair. And the butter is great as a conditioner too! Photo Credit;
  • Slicing Sticky Foods 4 of 7
    Slicing Sticky Foods
    A common chef's trick is to lightly coat a knife with butter before slicing into gooey or sticky desserts. This works well with cake too. The cake will slice without getting crumbs all over the knife. I do this every holiday when I want the dessert slices to look pretty on the plate! Photo Credit;
  • Cheese Preservative 5 of 7
    Cheese Preservative
    Want that to keep that expensive cheese from getting moldy? According to Reader's Digest adding a light coating of butter to the cut side of the cheese will keep the mold at bay and make it last longer in the fridge. Try this with soft and expensive cheeses so they don't go to waste. Photo Credit;
  • Removing Ink Stains 6 of 7
    Removing Ink Stains
    So apparently Barbie needed a mustache... or your 4-year-old decided to write you a love note on a white binder you use for work. According to Reader's Digest to remove stains, add a little bit of butter and let sit in the sun for a couple of days. Wipe and clean with a little soap and water. Photo Credit;
  • Quieting Squeaky Doors 7 of 7
    Quieting Squeaky Doors
    My grandmother always put a little bit of butter on a noisy door hinge. I think she would have done this even if a can of lubricant was sitting next to her! Photo Credit;

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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