7 Meatless Ways to Serve Sloppy Joes!

vegan sloppy joe recipes
vegan sloppy joe recipes

Every kid I know loves Sloppy Joes. And with all that tomato-y flavor in each sloppy bite, it is easy to see why. This messy classic recipe is especially delightful around the back to school season because not only do kids love it – but so do parents since it is a fuss-free meal that you can whip up in a flash. And serving the joes is as easy as scooping the filling onto a toasted hamburger bun or sandwich toast. Here are 7 meat-free ways to serve up delicious, scrumptious, filling, fun sloppy joes. You just may be surprised what your kids will eat when slathered in thick, yummy tomato-y sauce. Lentils, tempeh and beans? Oh yes! Get these 7 vegan recipes..

  • TVP Sloppy Joe Sliders 1 of 7
    TVP Sloppy Joe Sliders
    These classic-looking sloppy joes use veggie-based, protein-rich TVP. This recipe allows for maximum deliciousness since the TVP absorbs all the flavors. This recipe also greatly resembles real meat.
    Make TVP Sliders
  • Tempeh Sloppy Joes 2 of 7
    Tempeh Sloppy Joes
    This crumbly-delicious recipe is made from protein-rich, soy-based tempeh that is infused with veggie flavors like tomato, corn, zucchini and bell pepper. Photo credit: Kiersten, Oh My Veggies
    Make Veggie Tempeh Joes, recipe at Oh My Veggies
  • Garden Veggie Sloppy Stuffed Joes 3 of 7
    Garden Veggie Sloppy Stuffed Joes
    This TVP-based, over-stuffed joe recipe is loaded with an array of chunky garden veggies and tomato flavor. Photo credit: Kathy, Healthy Happy Life
    Make Garden Veggie Joes, recipe at Healthy Happy Life
  • Rice and Lentil Joes 4 of 7
    Rice and Lentil Joes
    Rice, lentils, veggies and plenty of spiced-smoky flavor infuses this tender and deliciously-messy sloppy joe recipe. Photo credit: Marly, Namely Marly
    Make Lentil Joes, recipe at Namely Marly
  • Red Lentil Sliders 5 of 7
    Red Lentil Sliders
    These cute joe sliders are made from red lentils that are infused with plenty of savory spices and veggies. Photo credit: Melissa, Vegan Fling
    Make Red Lentil Joes, recipe at Vegan Fling
  • Sloppy Joe Toast 6 of 7
    Sloppy Joe Toast
    These super juicy lentil and zucchini joes are served on crisp toast - side of roasted potato wedges! Photo credit: Nic and Kier, Life and Running in Iowa
    Make Zucchini Lentil Joes, recipe at Life and Running in Iowa
  • Meatless Crumble Sliders 7 of 7
    Meatless Crumble Sliders
    This meatless crumble-based recipe was adapted from a Martha Stewart recipe - so you know it has to be good! Plenty of sliced pickles on top too! Photo credit: Nikki, The Tolerant Vegan
    Make Meatless Crumble Sliders, recipe at The Tolerant Vegan

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