7 of the Most Clever Dessert Recipes for Kids

The other day I realized that my daughter’s newest baking phase isn’t just about stirring ingredients, it is about coming up with something really clever. Inventive Pop-Tarts, pretty cakes, unique things that can be made in the microwave — that’s what she wants. I am sure that some of you have encountered this, too. Kids like new things that are inventive and fun, but parents still need recipes to be manageable. Here are some of the simply most clever dessert recipes for kids I have ever seen and they are all right here on The Family Kitchen. Wouldn’t it be fun to make these with kids for a special treat? I think so. What is your favorite dessert recipe that is out of the ordinary?

  • Rainbow Cake in a Jar 1 of 7
    How clever is this adorable rainbow cake in a jar? It is so much easier to make than it looks. Try breaking out your own food coloring and making your own pretty rainbow of colors.
    Make rainbow cake in a jar
  • Groundhog Graham Crackers with Underground Pudding 2 of 7
    This is the cleverest, cutest way to turn ordinary graham crackers into a delicious dessert. They are especially appropriate in February for Groundhog Day!
    Make groundhog graham crackers and underground pudding cups
  • Nutella Pop Tarts 3 of 7
    Kids love nutella and they love Pop Tarts - here their two favorite things are combined! Check out how incredibly easy it is to make these delicious treats which would be fun for dessert.
    Make nutella pop tarts
  • 3-Ingredient Oreo Truffles 4 of 7
    Truffles can be labor intensive, but these Oreo truffles are anything but. They take just 3-ingredients and are incredibly delicious! Get kids involved making them by having them pulse the food processor and adding any flavorings they want.
    Make three ingredient Oreo truffles
  • 2 Minute Mug Brownie 5 of 7
    Kids won't believe how easy, or fun, it is to make brownies in the microwave. Let them have fun coming up with different toppings and flavors.
    Make a 2-minute mug brownie
  • Deep Fried Strawberries 6 of 7
    Kids loves strawberries with chocolate sauce so why not try deep frying them? It is like their favorite fruit wrapped in fried dough - what is better than that?
    Make deep fried strawberries
  • Peanut Butter Cup Stuffed Cookies 7 of 7
    Did you know that all it takes is a simple bag of cookie dough mix and some peanut butter cups to make these awesome stuffed cookies. Kids will go crazy for them - try stuffing them with Oreos or another type of cookie for fun too.
    Make peanut butter cup stuffed cookies

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