7 Perfect Panzanella Salads for Summer!

Panzawhatta? Panzanella! The first time I had panzanella, I was skeptical about just how good a “bread salad” could be, especially as the main course. And then I took my first bite. And I jumped on the panzanella bandwagon as fast as I could! Panzanella salads are oh-so-delicious, with such a great balance of textures. And since bread salads tend to be more filling, you can even serve panzanella as a light meal on a hot summer night.

Whether you’re a panzanella novice or it’s one of your favorite dishes, let these recipes be an inspiration for your summer table!

  • Perfect Panzanella! 1 of 8

    It's time to put that stale, crusty bread to good use! 

  • Roasted Pepper & Tomato Panzanella 2 of 8
    roasted pepper and tomato panzanella

    This recipe from Gwyneth Paltrow's book My Father's Daughter makes for a great light dinner or as a side to a light fish or grilled chicken dinner.

    Make Roasted Pepper and Tomato Panzanella

  • Creamy Hummus Pepper Panzanella 3 of 8
    creamy hummus panzanella

    This panzanella is drizzled in a creamy roasted pepper hummus dressing and packed with all kinds of great flavor.

    Make Creamy Hummus Pepper Panzanella

  • Walnut Panzanella 4 of 8
    walnut panzanella

    This salad starts with a classic Tuscan panzanella and adds in crunchy, healthy walnuts for a flavorful twist. Plus, the salad is downright gorgeous.

    Make Walnut Panzanella

  • Spring Vegetable Panzanella 5 of 8
    spring vegetable panzanella

    Despite the name, you're going to want to eat this salad all year long!

    Make Spring Vegetable Panzanella

  • The Perfect Spring/Summer Panzanella 6 of 8
    spring summer panzanella

    This classic panzanella recipe is perfect for spring and summer and will transport you to the hills of Tuscany at first bite!

    Make Perfect Spring/Summer Panzanella

  • Tomato & Peach Panzanella 7 of 8
    tomato and peach panzanella

    Are you kidding me? Adding fresh summer peaches to panzanella? I am SOLD.

    Make Tomato and Peach Panzanella

  • Caprese Panzanella 8 of 8

    This panzanella salad takes its inspiration from caprese that magical combination of mozzarella, tomato and basil. Plus, you'll learn a bit of history behind panzanella!

    Make Caprese Panzanella

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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