7 Quick Christmas Treats with Just 3 Ingredients

Ready to put the final touches on those Christmas Treat plates without blowing a gasket this year? Here are seven stunning recipes that require just three ingredients, and a handful of minutes to bake up fresh. Now you can have that envious Christmas cookie plate that all of the neighbors pine over. The one filled with a half-dozen addictive treats. The one Martha Stewart herself would deliver. Only without all that hoo-hah Martha insists must go into treat plate making. No, with these easy recipes, you can have your Martha and time for a long, lazy bath at the end of the day. Go you clever cat you. Look at you go!

  • Cookie Perfection 1 of 7
    Peanut butter cookies get a makeover with this absurdly simple (and adorable) recipe.
    Click for the recipe from Priscilla Bakes.
  • One Bite Wonders 2 of 7
    How ca-ute are these Eggless Butter Cookies? Even cuter when you realize you need just three easy ingredients to whip up a batch!
    Click for the recipe from Eggless Cookies.
  • Pretty and Perfect 3 of 7
    Cake mix, Cool Whip, and a few quick seconds is the basic formula for these beautifully simple Lemon Burst Cookies.
    Click for the recipe from Tidy Mom.
  • Sweet Satisfaction 4 of 7
    3-ingredient Oreo Truffles taste even better than the real thing.
    Click for the recipe from Bakerella.
  • Minty Fresh 5 of 7
    Thin Mints are nice. But Thin Mint Chocolate chip cookies bars are twice as tasty! You need just three easy ingredients for these beautiful dessert bars and you're good to go!
    Click for the recipe from Sugar Derby.
  • Bite-Sized Nutella 6 of 7
    You won't believe how simple these Nutella brownie bites are to bake. Which means, you likely won't believe how tasty they are to eat, either. Looks like you'll have to run to your kitchen and make some, stat!
    Click for the recipe from Just Everyday Me.
  • Poppin’ Around the Christmas Tree 7 of 7
    These pretty Truffle Pops are a snap to make. No oven required!
    Click for the recipe from Sweetest Kitchen.


Article Posted 7 years Ago

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