7 Quick Veggie Snacks for Kids’ Afternoon Snack Time

I don’t know about your kids, but mine usually wanders into the kitchen around 4 p.m. and declares herself absolutely starving. Like so hungry it feels like she hasn’t eaten all day. This declaration is usually accompanied by a wildly dramatic pout and hand gesture or something to demonstrate how amazingly famished she is. Of course, I am always hesitant to give her a huge snack at this hour, lest we ruin dinner. However, it is obvious that I need to give her something. Lately, I’ve started to declare 4 p.m. “veggie hour” for her. That is, I prepare the vegetables we are having for dinner and give them to her early, OR, I whip up a simple veggie-based snack and let her waive the vegetable serving at dinner. Either way, the snack is totally vegetable-based and she is still ready for dinner less than two hours later. Here are seven of our favorite veggie-based snack ideas for kids. I hope they inspire you if this happens in your house!

  • Crudite with Ranch Dip 1 of 8
    Sometimes the simpler the better. This awesome crudite features fresh cut vegetables and a homemade ranch dip. Keep it in the fridge so kids can snack on them whenever they want.
    Make crudite with ranch dip
  • Edamame Hummus 2 of 8
    This awesome edamame hummus is perfect for kids at 4pm. Let them dip their favorite vegetable sticks and enjoy this healthy snack!
    Make edamame hummus
  • Crispy Kale Chips 3 of 8
    This salty, crunchy kale chips are the perfect pre-dinner vegetable based snacks. Kids will love their flavor and texture and parents will love that they are devouring their greens!.
    Make crispy kale chips
  • Roasted Squash Rings 4 of 8
    Forget onion rings, baked your kids some delicious squash rings. They are a great hot snack and you can save the rest for dinner!
    Make roasted squash rings
  • Vegetable Caterpillar 5 of 8
    Hot clear tea is always a healthy way to clear sinuses. This delicious easy, homemade chamomile tea is simultaneously comforting and healing whenever you are feeling a little sniffly.
    Make homemade chamomile tea
  • Jicama Cilantro Fiesta Slaw 6 of 8
    This awesome fiesta slaw makes a colorful, healthy snack bowl in the afternoon. Let kids scoop it onto some baked pita chips if they want to treat it like a fancy appetizer. Otherwise they can just eat it with a fork and enjoy the party in their mouths!
    Make jicama cilantro fiesta slaw
  • Roast Asparagus with Lemon Aioli 7 of 8
    It is easy to roast asparagus in a jiffy and I love how it tastes served with aioli. Serve this to kids at 4pm and save the rest for your dinner!
    Make roast asparagus with lemon aioli
  • Cheesy Zucchini Caterpillar 8 of 8
    This adorable zucchini "caterpillar" is a great reference to the classic children's book. Your kids will adore the fun look and the cheesy flavor. It is an ideal afternoon snack!
    Make a cheesy zucchini caterpillar

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