5 Recipes for Simple Sassy Tofu!

Image source: Kathy Patalsky
Image source: Kathy Patalsky

In a pinch to plate a protein-rich entree for dinner? These seven recipes for simple sassy tofu dishes showcase how easy it is to turn a boring white block into something amazing, delicious, meatless, easy on your budget, and maybe a little fun too!

Try these super simple recipes — that contain just a handful of ingredients — and learn to love and crave tofu as your family’s new fave go-to protein.

1. Salt and Pepper TofuThese salt and pepper tofu triangles cook up crispy and light — with caramelized edges and a peppery flavor that merges well with most any menu.

2. Maple Tamari Seared Tofu: This savory and sweet tofu is seared to perfection. The hearty tofu steak rectangles make a cravable presentation platter.

3. Peppered Ginger Tofu: Asian-inspired peppery ginger tofu triangles are delicious served over some peanut lime soba noodles and broccoli.

4. Sunrise Citrus Tofu CubesThese citrus and maple tofu cubes are perfect for breakfast! Fresh orange flavors and a dash of spice mingle with maple syrup. Serve tofu in the morning without doing the ‘tofu scramble’ thing.

5. Hasselback TofuYou’ve heard of hasselback potatoes. Well this is hasselback tofu — BBQ style! Easy, fun, and delicious.


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