7 Snack Ideas for a Hauntingly Healthier Halloween Party

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Halloween is a candy-crazed free-for all once the sun goes down and trick-or-treating begins. I catch my kids digging into their treat bags and chowing down between houses, and there’s no use stopping the wild animals that have taken over the children.

That’s why each year I host a healthy start halloween party for the neighborhood. All the kids come over in costume and parade around comparing the different ensembles (last year we had five spiderman’s of adorableness!) and acting out their characters — all while feeding on healthy snacks to fuel them for the long night running around on a sugar high.

I like to keep things simple and easy and fun for kids. Here are some great recipes and idea’s for a healthy start to your Halloween.

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  • Peanut Butter Banana Caterpillar 2 of 8

    No Halloween party is complete without a creepy crawly critter lingering about. This little caterpillar is simple and fun to make, even the kids can put it together.

    Make Peanut Butter Banana Caterpillars.

  • Jack O Lantern Fruit Cup 3 of 8

    I'm not an artist, but I love the way these turned out! All I did was grab a black sharpie and drew Jack O'Lantern faces on Del Monte Mango Fruit Cups. It's that easy to create Halloween-themed party food that will get little guests excited to chow down on something other than candy.

  • Peanut Butter & Jelly Jack O Lantern 4 of 8

    So simple and fun. With a pumpkin face like this every kid will be eating one and getting some much needed protein. Make sure to choose low sugar or no sugar jam and all natural nut butter. 

    Make Peanut Butter and Jelly Jack O'Lanterns.

  • Healthier Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies 5 of 8

    These cookies are a treat, but they are secretly healthier. The butter and sugar are reduced and all purpose flour replaced with whole wheat, you really can't tell! I've got lots of Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers so just used an apple cinnamon one in place of the applesauce. These cookies are always a huge hit, I think there's something about the pumpkin that makes them dense and sweet and delicious.

    Make Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies.

  • Cauldron of Fruit Squeezers 6 of 8

    This is a creative and festive way to serve Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers. Just get an inexpensive, plastic cauldron and stuff with fruit burst squeezers. If you can't find a cauldron, just use a plastic Jack O'Lantern.

  • Banana Ghosts 7 of 8

    So simple and so adorable. All you have to do is cut a banana in half and insert a lollipop stick and place mini chocolate chips for eyes and mouth. Stand back and watch as all the kids gobble these healthy ghosts up.

  • Mixed Nuts and Pumpkins Seeds 8 of 8

    Nuts and seeds are a great snack that provide plenty of protein and brain and energy boosters. Just pick a variety of nuts and seeds, place in bowls and let the kids build their own nut mix. I used almonds, cashews, macadamia, pistachio, and the must have, pepita's or shelled pumpkin seeds.

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