7 So Easy Fruit-and-Veggie Valentine Ideas

Toss the box of chocolates! This year, we’re making it easy to show people you truly care with a bowl of fruit-and-veggie valentines that are perfect for dipping, packing in lunchboxes, and cooking into a pot of delicious Love Soup. Wanna get a handful of healthy valentines in your kitchen, stat? Here’s how to turn seven fruits and veggies into totally adorable treats. Eat your heart out, babe!

THE METHOD: For six of these seven veggie valentines, you’ll simply follow the photos above. Cut a “V” shape in the top, then use a vegetable peeler to gently create a curve around the top of the veggie, and use the peeler to create a large “V” at the bottom of your heart. Carefully slice, and you’ll have a whole batch of hearts! Make a whole batch in seconds with carrots…

Cucumbers work, as well. Try making them with English cucumbers and mini cucumbers (or pickles!) for fun veggie-dip dippers!

Mini potatoes can be turned into hearts using the same method. Look for tiny, round potatoes for best results…

Firm kiwi fruits also make amazing little heart-shaped snacks. If a veggie peeler is giving you trouble, try gently creating the “V” shapes for your heart with a very sharp knife.

Sweet potatoes work, too! Just look for rounded shapes for best results!

And green zucchini…

Or yellow squash! Again, the smaller and rounder shaped, the better your little hearts are gonna look!

Finally, turn strawberries into quick and simple valentines…

Simply slice the top greens from the fruit with a “V” shape. Then cut them in half!

Voila! Perfect for dipping in yogurt, or packing a little love in your kiddos lunchbox!

Looking for a fun way to use the other veggies? Make this recipe for Love Soup in less that 20 minutes!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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