7 Things to Make in a Bundt Pan Besides a Cake


Photo: Brooke McLay

Did you know you can make more than just coffee cake in a bundt pan? One of my favorite uses is to make monkey bread like in the photo above, but there are alot more smart ways to use this little piece of bakeware.

Here are 7 ways to use your bundt pan:

  • Meatloaf Bundt with a Tunnel of Egg 1 of 7
    Isn't this the cutest? It's a tunnel of eggs baked within a meatloaf. Yummy!
    Find this recipe at Food Librarian
  • Bundt Pan Baked Chicken Dinner 2 of 7
    Love crispy baked chicken? Then roasting chicken in your bundt pan is your answer. You'll have crispy skin all around.
    Find this recipe at Tasty Chicken
  • Extreme Monkey Bread 3 of 7
    This is my favorite thing to make in bundt pan. This recipe is also really good.
    Make Extreme Monkey Bread
  • Bundt Pan as an Ice Mold 4 of 7
    This is the smartest tip I've seen in a while, use a bundt pan to make a decorative ice ring for a punch bowl.
    Find this tip at Real Simple
  • Totally Radical Spiked Rainbow Jello Mold 5 of 7
    This is just about the cutest use for a bundt pan, using it as a jello mold.
    Find this recipe at Foodista
  • Removing Corn off the Cob 6 of 7
    Did you know you could use your bundt pan to safely remove corn off the cob?
    Find more information at Simply Recipes
  • Asparagus Frittata Baked in a Bundt Pan 7 of 7
    Making a frittata in a bundt pan is very convenient and so cute!
    Find this recipe at Saveur

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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