7 Unbelievably Cheesy Stuffed Breads


The hottest thing since sliced bread is Cheese-Stuffed sliced bread, breadsticks, and stuffed pull-apart bread. And all of the above are about to hit your kitchen table, because we’ve gathered 7 of the best recipes on the web. From Pizza Pull-Apart Bread to Cheesy Cheese-Stuffed Bread on Crack, here are 7 recipes that are sure to help you get your cheesy on!

  • Pepperoni and Cheese Stuffed Rolls 1 of 7
    Pepperoni and Cheese Stuffed Rolls
    Pepperoni and Cheese come together in these simple stuffed bread rolls.
    Get the recipe from Casa Veneracion
  • Cheesy Stuffed Bread 2 of 7
    Cheesy Stuffed Bread
    Yep. Stuffed Cheesy Bread on Crack. That.Just.Happened.
    Get the recipe from Joans Food Wanderings
  • Garlic-Parm Cheesy Breadsticks 3 of 7
    Garlic-Parm Cheesy Breadsticks
    Parmesan and Garlic top this beautiful recipe for Cheese-Stuffed Breadsticks.
    Get the recipe for Parmesan Garlic Cheese Breadsticks
  • Vegan Pull-Apart Breadsticks 4 of 7
    Vegan Pull-Apart Breadsticks
    There's pull-apart bread, and then there's this Easy Cheezy Garlic Pull Apart bread. It might you're your day. Prolly your life.
    Get the recipe for Easy Cheezy Vegan Garlic Pull Apart Breadsticks
    photo: Kathy Patalsky
  • Pizza Pull-Apart Bread 5 of 7
    Pizza Pull-Apart Bread
    It's happening. The world is coming to a perfect, wondrous stand still. All because we found with Pull-Apart Pizza Bread. Gloriously time-stopping in every way!
    Get the recipe from Stick a Fork
  • Pizza Stuffed Pretzel Roll 6 of 7
    Pizza Stuffed Pretzel Roll
    The latest craze to hit the food world are tasty little pretzel rolls. This recipe takes it one step further, stuffing them with all the makings of pizza.
    Get the recipe for Pizza Stuffed Pretzel Rolls
  • Grilled Cheese Sticks 7 of 7
    Grilled Cheese Sticks
    You need grilled cheese. In rolls. Exactly similar to these Grilled Cheese Rolls. Drooling yet?!
    Get the recipe from Dainty Chef

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