6 Unexpected Foods with Hidden Carbs

I don’t really spend much time counting carbs which is why I am always amazed that some of my favorite foods are loaded with them. I try to be good about eating unprocessed foods, but it is not unusual that something like honey mustard, or freshly sliced deli meat passes my lips. I now know that these things are loaded with hidden carbs. Here are some interesting foods that I’ve learned about lately that are carb heavy. Are you as surprised as I am?

  • Honey Mustard 1 of 7
    Regular mustard is low-carb, but when honey and artificial sweeteners are mixed in the carb count can quickly escalate. Be careful about how much you eat!
    Make honey mustard chicken tenders
  • Slow Roasted Beets 2 of 7
    Starchy vegetables like beets can be loaded with hidden carbs. Though they are healthy keep portions on check to avoid overloading on carbs.
    Make slow roasted beets
  • Swiss Cheese Fondue 3 of 7
    Processed cheeses can be loaded with hidden carbs. Stick with the most unprocessed artisan cheeses you can find to avoid unnecessary carb intake.
    Make cheese fondue
  • Canned Tuna 4 of 7
    Broccoli is a vegetable with one of the highest concentrations of Vitamin C. Just when you needed another reason to eat it, here it is!
    Make broccoli nuggets
  • Low-Fat Yogurt Parfait 5 of 7
    A delicious cup of low-fat yogurt is a great snack but can be loaded with hidden carbs from the added sweeteners. Be sure to read the ingredients list and calorie chart to ensure low carb count before eating.
    Make low-fat yogurt parfait
  • Hot Dogs 6 of 7
    Processed meats like hot dogs are loaded with extra carbs from the preservatives and sweeteners. While it is fun to indulge in one now and then, consider them treats.
    Make hot dogs
  • Deli Sliced Ham 7 of 7
    Processed meats are loaded with hidden carbs just like hot dogs. Keep the portions on the smaller side and enjoy on occasion.
    Make ham and cheese sandwiches

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