7 Ways to Save Money on Kids' Birthday Parties

Watermelon Lemonade

My daughter is in the middle of birthday season, and it is amazing. She loves going to all the parties and I am so grateful to the parents for hosting them. Her own birthday isn’t until November, but I am already thinking of what we will do. Of course, the thing about kids’ birthday parties is that they can be SO expensive. By the time you’ve added up the cost of a clown, some crafts, a cake, and party favors for 20 kids, you can easily have shelled out over $200! To save money, but not scrimp on quality, here are a few things I plan to do for my daughter this year. They are all manageable ways to cut costs but still keep all the fun!

  • Make Your Own Games 1 of 7
    Make Your Own Games
    Skip renting a clown for $100 an hour and make up your own games. For example, hang donuts from a string and challenge kids to eat them without using their hands.
    Make your own donut rings or try one of these games
  • Make Your Own Cake 2 of 7
    Make Your Own Cake
    A grocery store cake that serves 10 to 12 can easily cost around $30 or more. Try making your own from scratch instead. The ingredients for a simple vanilla layer cake cost about $15 and will still feed a crowd.
    Make your own cake
  • Make Your Own Party Favorites 3 of 7
    Make Your Own Party Favorites
    Skip shelling out for poorly made party favors, which can cost up to $5 a bag. Instead, get crafty and make your own. Also, don't forget to send each kid home with an extra piece of cake if there is enough!
    Make your own party favors
  • Make Pop Rocks Cake Pops 4 of 7
    Make Pop Rocks Cake Pops
    If you want a treat in addition to cake. skip buying overpriced boxes of cookies and $5 bags of lollipops. Instead, make a batch of cake pops for next to nothing that will feed a whole the crowd. The kids will get such a kick out of them.
    Make pop rocks cake pops
  • Make Your Own Pizza 5 of 7
    Make Your Own Pizza
    Skip pizza delivery. which can cost more than $10 per pie, and make your own pizza instead. A ball of pizza dough costs around $2 and the toppings won't run you much more for multiple pies. Then, get the kids involved in choosing their favorite toppings and make it a party activity!
    Make your own pizza
  • Make Watermelon Lemonade 6 of 7
    Make Watermelon Lemonade
    Skip sugary sodas or expensive drink mixes and make watermelon lemonade. Use fresh fruit, which is less expensive and better for you, and then you add water and sugar, which you already have at home.
    Make watermelon lemonade
  • DIY Crafts with Pasta People 7 of 7
    DIY Crafts with Pasta People
    Instead of buying individual craft packs, buy a pack or two of washable paint and one box of pasta for $1, and you'll have have enough crafts for a party of 10 children.
    Make pasta people

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