7 Ways With S'mores


Summertime and s’mores go hand in hand. Graham Crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows are simply irresistible in the summer months. Whether you like them out of sheer nostalgia, or simply because you happen to love them like the dickens, here are 7 fun, new ways to do your s’mores up right. From S’mores Thumbprint cookies (pictured above) to gorgeous chocolate-topped S’mores Granola Bars, these seven recipes are sure to have you wishing you had…s’more!

  • S’mores on a Stick 1 of 7
    S'mores on a Stick
    Looking for a fun, unique was to serve s'mores to your kids without all the mess? Try S'mores on a Stick! Marshmallow, melted chocolate, and graham cracker crumbs combine together to make everyone favorite flavor, without requiring everyone's least favorite part of the treat…the clean up!
    Get the recipe for S'mores on a Stick.
  • S’mores Granola Bars 2 of 7
    S'mores Granola Bars
    Make homemade granola bars extra special with this beautiful recipe for homemade S'mores Granola Bars! Gooey marshmallow tops a sweet and crunchy granola bar, with a hefty drizzle of chocolate right on top.
    Get the recipe for S'mores Granola Bars.
  • S’mores Dip 3 of 7
    S'mores Dip
    This simple S'mores dip doesn't require a campfire, sticks, or ashy marshmallows to get the job done right.
    Get the recipe from Whats Megan Making.
  • S’mores Thumbprint Cookies 4 of 7
    S'mores Thumbprint Cookies
    Thumbprint cookies, traditionally filled with jam, get a twist with this version of S'mores Thumprint Cookies.
    Get the recipe from Baker's Royale.
  • S’mores Bars 5 of 7
    S'mores Bars
    Take a little cookie dough, press it into the bottom of a baking dish, top with marshmallows and chocolate, and you're just minutes away from this ridiculously delicious S'more Cookie Bars.
    Get the recipe from Knead To Cook.
  • S’mores Oatmeal 6 of 7
    S'mores Oatmeal
    It's S'mores Oatmeal, y'all. Need we say more?
    Get the recipe from Une Deuxsenses.
  • S’mores Stuffed French Toast 7 of 7
    S'mores Stuffed French Toast
    Imagine waking up tomorrow with this insanely decadent recipe for S'mores Stuffed French Toast. Grrrr.
    Get the recipe from B's in the Kitchen.

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