8 Delicious Mini Muffin Recipes for Little Ones

8 Delicious Mini Muffin Recipes

The other day I was sitting with my friend’s toddlers and was reminded how how small treats are so much better for small hands. One mini muffin is plenty for a member of the under-two set! It got me thinking that I had better build up my repertoire of mini muffins for little ones since I’ll be back in that phase soon enough. In about a year I’ll be back to making tiny french toast sticks and bite sized mini muffins while doling out the regular sized for my daughter. Of course, the trick to these muffins is to keep them simple with a capital “s”. Let’s face it, a lot of food ends up on the floor so it may as well have been something you spent 15 minutes making – not 2 hours! Here are some of my favorite simple mini-muffins for mini hands!

  • Mini Pineapple Muffins 1 of 9
    Mini Pineapple Muffins
    These cute upside pineapple cake muffins are made in a mini-muffin pan and taste like sweet little pineapple muffins. Your little one will love their dessert-like appearance and taste!
    Make mini pineapple muffins
  • Blueberry Mini Muffins 2 of 9
    Blueberry Mini Muffins
    These adorable mini muffins are filled with healthy ripe blueberries. They are perfect for the end of summer and fall when blueberries are widely available!
    Make blueberry mini muffins
  • Mini Donut Muffins 3 of 9
    Mini Donut Muffins
    These adorable muffins are a much more manageable way to serve donuts to your little ones. Give them just one and they'll never miss the entire donut which is far too much for them at such a young age.
    Make mini donut muffins
  • healthy-blueberry-muffins-300×258 4 of 9
    A muffin can make a great lunchbox snack because it is so portable and is just the right size for little hands. This muffin is completely nut free and is even given a healthy boost by the addition of flax seed. The nice balance of whole grains and fruit makes it a delicious, nutritious snack any day of the week!
    Make blueberry flax muffins
  • Mini Corn Muffins 5 of 9
    Mini Corn Muffins
    These delicious corn muffins are the perfect bite for your little one while he tries his first bite of chili, or enjoys a little turkey for Thanksgiving. Or, just pack them in baggies to take along in the stroller for a great anytime snack.
    Make mini corn muffins
  • Mini Milk Muffins 6 of 9
    Mini Milk Muffins
    These sweet muffins are the perfect way to give your little one a sweet bite without going overboard. Best of all, they are nice for Mom too!
    Make mini milk muffins
  • Carrot-Apple Mini Muffins 7 of 9
    Carrot-Apple Mini Muffins
    These adorable mini muffins are naturally sweetened with honey and fresh apples. It is a great way get your little one to enjoy carrots and apples all in one bite!
    Make carrot-apple mini muffins
  • Sweet Potato & Apple Mini Muffins 8 of 9
    Sweet Potato & Apple Mini Muffins
    Take your mini muffins up a notch in the healthy direction by making them with vitamin-rich sweet potatoes and sweetening them with apples. These delicious treats will be both healthy and satisfying for their afternoon snack.
    Make sweet potato and apple mini muffins
  • Mini Banana Muffins 9 of 9
    Mini Banana Muffins
    These super cute muffins are like little bites of banana bread. They are far easier to eat than big slices of bread and are the perfect size for little ones in the stroller!
    Make mini banana muffins


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