8 Delicious No Heat, Portable Dishes for Your Memorial Day Boat Trip

Sesame Noodles

We do a lot of boat trips in the summer and I have to think about a few things when packing for them. I need to make food that is portable, can be eaten with one hand – because I am usually holding onto the rocky boat with the other – and something that doesn’t require any reheating. This isn’t quite as easy as you might think! Yes, I make a few of the usual suspects – delicious chicken salad, perfect iced tea in plastic tumblers – but I also break out some really fun things like food on skewers and tasty wraps. Here are some of my favorite no-heat, portable dishes for boating!

  • Summer Potato Salad 1 of 8
    Summer Potato Salad
    This classic potato salad recipe is perfect for a boat picnic and only requires a fork to eat!
    Make summer potato salad
  • Pasta Salad Skewers 2 of 8
    Pasta Salad Skewers
    Pasta salad is so much easier to eat on neat little skewers. Plus, kids find them more fun and exciting this way. Check out these cool skewers and how you can make them ahead.
    Make pasta salad skewers
  • Cold Sesame Noodles 3 of 8
    Cold Sesame Noodles
    These cold noodles are easy to make and advance and the perfect salty-sweet snack for the open seas!
    Make cold sesame noodles
  • Tahini Pineapple Tofu Wrap 4 of 8
    Tahini Pineapple Tofu Wrap
    Wraps are great for boating because they contain the ingredients of the sandwich in one neat package. No worrying about food falling out the side of breads! This vegan wrap is tropical and delicious, making it perfect for a day in the sun.
    Make tahini pineapple tofu wrap
  • Perfect Iced Tea 5 of 8
    Perfect Iced Tea
    Iced tea is the perfect refreshing beverage for boats. Add your own twist by using your preferred flavor of tea. Remember to serve it in unbreakable plastic cups!
    Make perfect iced tea
  • Rainbow Fruit Skewers 6 of 8
    Rainbow Fruit Skewers
    Just like pasta salad, fruit salad on skewers is perfect for eating on a boat. It is colorful, healthy, and so neat to make and clean-up!
    Make rainbow fruit skewers
  • Farmstand Chicken Salad 7 of 8
    Farmstand Chicken Salad
    A classic chicken salad makes a great main course on-board. Make it in advance and keep it in the cooler. Serve it up on paper plates with a fork and your meal is ready!
    Make farmstand chicken salad
  • Nutella Hazelnut Shortbread Cookies 8 of 8
    Nutella Hazelnut Shortbread Cookies
    A simple sandwich cookie is the perfect way to cap off a boat picnic. This rich nutella hazelnut cookie is so satisfying you don't need to make many, as one or two will hit the spot!
    Make nutella hazelnut shortbread cookies

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