8 Energizing After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Love

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When my daughter gets home from school, she is a slug. She is zapped of energy, and I really can’t blame her. After all, she and her classmates work and play hard all day long! As far as I can see, the best thing I can do is give her a bump of energy that will carry her until dinnertime. I just want her to make it through those last two hours before our family meal without having a total meltdown. I try to keep the snacks on the healthier side, but often I let the good ol’ milk and cookie snack slide by. I figure she’s only a kid once, so she’s got to live it up every now and then! Here are some delicious (and easy!) ways you can give your kids a healthy, energizing snack after school to keep them going until dinner!

  • 8 Ways to Energize Your Kids After School 1 of 9
    8 Ways to Energize Your Kids After School
  • Watermelon Coconut Salad 2 of 9
    Watermelon with Coconut

    Watermelon, of course, is high in water content — making it perfect for after-school rehydration. Make this easy salad by sprinkling your watermelon with sweetened coconut for a sweet yet nutritious treat!

  • Pineapple & Mango in Syrup 3 of 9

    Fruit cups are one of my go-to snacks for my kids! They're easy, fuss-free, and totally satisfying. One of my favorites? Del Monte Fruit Cup ® Snacks. That's because one fits beautifully into a ramekin, dressing up this treat in a flash. My daughter loves 'em, too. It's like she's enjoying a fancy treat!

  • Fruit Squeezer Mix 4 of 9

    After a few experiments, we determined the Del Monte Apple Cinnamon Fruit Burst Squeezer and Mixed Berry Fruit Burst Squeezer are delicious when mixed together. Let the kids have some fun in the kitchen by combining the two. This is an easy yet genius, delicious snack (trust me!).

  • Classic Peanut Butter Crackers 5 of 9
    Peanut Butter Crackers

    Really, what kid doesn't enjoy noshing on crunchy peanut butter-filled sandwiches? Because my daughter can't bring peanut butter to school, we often enjoy them at home when school's out. Plus, they're packed with protein, making them a healthful bite!

  • Whole Wheat Apple Crumb Muffins 6 of 9
    Whole Wheat Apple Crumb Muffins

    These awesome muffins are rich, spicy, and full of sweet apple flavor. You'll love the awesome taste and the fact they're whole wheat-based — making them a reduced-guilt snack!

  • Cookies & Milk 7 of 9
    Cookies & Milk

    I know, I know: Cookies and milk may not be the most nutritionally sound snack, but sometimes they're hard to resist. I keep this in my back pocket for days when my daughter is extra-exhausted. She never fails to smile when I show her a little stack of cookies and a glass of ice cold milk for snack time!

  • Fruit FroYo 8 of 9
    Fruit with Frozen Yogurt

    A delicious frozen yogurt shake tastes amazing when swirled with some awesome Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers. These come in a variety of fruity flavors, but if you want our favorite? Reach for the strawberry, and swirl it into vanilla (yum!).

  • Mango-Pineapple Soup 9 of 9
    Mango Pineapple Soup

    This was kind of a joke of ours when my daughter stirred some mango and pineapple chunks into yogurt. However, much to our surprise, this soup-like bowl made for a delicious combination!

Disclosure: Thanks to Del Monte for sponsoring this post. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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