8 Fun Corn Dog Recipes

Corn dogs are one of my guilty pleasures. I use to just enjoy them just at fairs, and sometimes the ones from the freezer department in the grocery store, but a few years back I learned how to make them on my own. I couldn’t believe how easy they were to make. I’ve since bought a deep fryer to make them, along with other fried foods. The deep fryer makes frying them up a snap.

Believe it or not, there’s more than a few great ways to make corn dogs. Here’s 8 fun recipes:

  • Pancake and Sausage Corn Dogs 1 of 8
    Made with a cornmeal and wheat pancake batter, these sausage corn dogs are irresistible.
    Find this recipe here at Dinner with Julie
  • Gluten Free Corn Dogs 2 of 8
    These are not only gluten free, but can also be made vegan and dairy free.
    Find this recipe here at Bakingdom
  • Baked Mini Corn Dogs 3 of 8
    These are mini and wrapped in a yeast bread spiral.
    Find this recipe here at Having Fun In The Kitchen
  • Baked Corn Dogs 4 of 8
    These are big on flavor, not on fat. Make these even healthier with veggie dogs.
    Find this recipe here at Imagelicious
  • Baked Corn Dog Muffins 5 of 8
    Did you know you could even make little corn dog muffins? I love how cute these are.
    Make Baked Corn Dogs
  • My Corn Dogs Recipe 6 of 8
    This is my corn dog recipe. I love it because it's a little more cornmeal in the batter than some and has a touch of sweetness.
    Make corn dogs
  • Tiny Corn Dogs 7 of 8
    Because everything is better in mini size.
    Find this recipe here at Dispatches From White Comb Street
  • Homemade Corn Dogs 8 of 8
    These corn dogs are even better than those at the fair.
    Make Homemade Corn Dogs

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