8 Fun St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast Ideas for Kids!

A few years ago when our family woke up on St. Patrick’s Day, the kids eagerly started checking around the house for evidence of leprechauns. This particular mom (me!) had missed the memo that leprechauns were a “thing” and, alas, there was no evidence to be found. While the kids were distracted, I quickly grabbed the green food coloring and put a few drops in the milk in the fridge and in the oatmeal on the stove. A few minutes later I exclaimed, “What happened to the oatmeal?!” We determined a leprechaun must have run through the kitchen when we were not looking. Then the kids opened the fridge to get milk for their oatmeal and, voila, green magic! My kids still talk about that morning to this day! Ten points to me for thinking on my feet — I got lucky!

Ever since that fateful morning, I’ve tried to step up my game come St. Patrick’s Day! These eight St. Patrick’s Day breakfast ideas for kids should keep everyone happy when that lucky holiday rolls around!

  • Top o’ the Mornin’! 1 of 9
    st. patrick's day breakfast ideas for kids

    Start your St. Patrick's Day celebrations on the right foot with these great breakfast ideas!

  • Shamrock Pancake Bites 2 of 9

    These shamrock pancake bites are completely adorable and would definitely have my kids feeling lucky!

    Get the recipe here on Babble!

  • Mint White Hot Chocolate 3 of 9

    What could be better than a warm mug of minty, green, white chocolate goodness when you wake up on St. Patrick's Day? 

    Get the recipe here on Babble!

  • St. Paddy’s Day Donut Pops 4 of 9

    I'm pretty sure my kids will happily gobble these up for their St. Patrick's Day breakfast...and continue munching all day!

    Get the recipe here on Babble!

  • Hard Boiled Egg in a Biscuit 5 of 9

    These leprechaun-friendly soda biscuits are stuffed with a delicious breakfast surprise!

    Get the recipe here on Babble!

  • Shamrock Shakes the Healthy Way! 6 of 9

    These adorably green and healthy shamrock shakes are a great way to start your lucky day!

    Get the recipe from Cupcakes and Kale Chips

    Photo source: Cupcakes and Kale Chips

  • Lucky Charms Cupcakes 7 of 9

    Okay, so cupcakes aren't really breakfast food, but Lucky Charms cereal is. Plus, muffins are basically cupcakes, right? Plus, it's a holiday. I think that gives us plenty of reasons to throw this treat on the St. Patrick's Day breakfast menu!

    Get the recipe from Kailley's Kitchen

    Photo source: Kailley's Kitchen

  • Quinoa Quiche Muffins 8 of 9

    These cute little breakfast bites pack a nutritious punch, and if you tell your kids the leprechauns added the green spinach, they will totally gobble breakfast up!

    Get the recipe from Diethood

    Photo source: Diethood

  • Green Eggs No Ham 9 of 9

    This vegetarian eggs Benedict dish is smothered in a delightfully green spinach hollandaise sauce, perfect for St. Patrick's Day breakfast fun!

    Get the recipe from Farm Fresh Feasts

    Photo source: Farm Fresh Feasts

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