4 Healthy School Lunches Your Kids Can Make Themselves

There are great school lunch ideas are all over the place this time of year, but it’s always boiled down to the fact that I still have to make it every. single. day. I end up making the same thing: sandwich with fruit on the side, sorry kids. But this year, I decided to hand the duty over to the kids and get them excited about making their own lunches. We started by brainstorming our favorite simple lunches, followed by a list of ingredients for our grocery store trip. I took both kids to the store, each with a mini cart, and we walked up and down the aisles in search of our lunch necessities and brought home our loot. Each day I set the kids free in the kitchen to prepare their lunches and get the tools needed. They did everything from slicing bread to washing veggies and clean-up too, with very minimal help from me. They enjoy having more responsibility and mixing up what they eat each day. I like that they have more independence and still eat healthy. Click through for 4 great lunches your kids can make.

1. Turkey Sushi Wrap

Image Source: Macki West
Image Source: Macki West

Yon’t find cream cheese on this pseudo-sushi wrap, but you will find a healthy and flavorful alternative.

Make Turkey Sushi Wrap.

2. Pita Pizza

Image Source: Macki West

This lunch is so easy to make and much healthier than the processed and sodium-filled store-bought versions.

Make Pretty Pita Pizza .

3. Energizing Fruit Popsicles

Image Source: Macki West

These may not be lunch box material, but they are great kid-made after school snacks that you can feel good about.

Make Energizing Fruit Popsicles.

4. Watermelon Balls

Image Source: Macki West

Let your kids prep their fruit for the week. My boy made watermelon balls while I made dinner.

Make Watermelon Balls.


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