8 Recipes That Are Better Than Making Love

First there was the “Better than Sex” Cake. After which “Better than Sex” Cupcakes found their way into our recipe boxes. And now there are all sorts of fun and feisty knock-offs which prove eating can be the ultimate carnal sin. To prove the point, here are 8 deliciously decadent “Better Than Everything” recipes that you might just want to kiss and cuddle up with after dinner.

  • Better Than Sex Cupcakes 1 of 8
    Better Than Sex Cupcakes
    Chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate come together in this cuh-razy good recipe for better than sex cupcakes.
    Get the recipe from 52 Kitchen Adventures
  • The Original BTS Cake 2 of 8
    The Original BTS Cake
    The original better than sex cake takes chocolate drizzled with sweetened condensed milk, tops it with whipped cream, and sprinkles it all with toffee. Hello, lover.
    Get the recipe at Lemon-Sugar
  • Vanilla Better Than Sex Cake 3 of 8
    Vanilla Better Than Sex Cake
    Chocolate cake ain't got nothin' on this vanilla-rum-pineapple-coconut concoction. Just one bite and you might indeed decide that this cake is almost better than sex.
    Get the recipe from Dessert for Two
  • Better Than Sex Chex Mix 4 of 8
    Better Than Sex Chex Mix
    Need some serious noshing? Try this better than sex Chex Mix on for size, flavor, and serious crunch!
    Get the recipe from Tablespoon
  • Better Than Sex Ice Cream Cake 5 of 8
    Better Than Sex Ice Cream Cake
    The only thing better than cake? Ice cream cake, of course!
    Get the recipe from My Thirty Spot.
  • Vegan Better Than Sex Pudding 6 of 8
    Vegan Better Than Sex Pudding
    This silky, sweet pudding may just have you ignoring the bedroom in favor of the kitchen. Bonus: it's totally vegan!
    Walking the Vegan Line
  • Slutty Brownies 7 of 8
    Slutty Brownies
    Slutty brownies are that dessert that doesn't just sit down and let you look them over; they show off everythang.
    Make our recipe for Slutty Brownies
  • Better than Crack Brownies 8 of 8
    Better than Crack Brownies
    This crazy brownie recipe has a hefty layer of peanut butter mixed right into the middle.
    Make our recipe for Better than Beep! Brownies


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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