8 Simple Ways to Make Veggies Look Good to Kids

8 Ways to Make Vegetables Look Good to Kids via

Let’s face it, kids care about presentation. My own daughter will often push away vegetables if they are presented in a lumpy soggy mess on her plate. Sure, I am a little irked by it sometimes (do I look like a magazine food stylist to you?!) but I know that how things look on the plate sometimes make a difference to me too. While vegetables may be some of the toughest things to teach kids to like, they are, at least, extraordinarily easy to present attractively. When chopped up and arranged in rainbows or little faces, it can spell the difference between kids viewing them as intriguing and approachable and pushing them away without hesitation. Here are eight simple and fun ways you too can make vegetables look good to kids. Which one will you try?

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  • Colorful Crudite in the Fridge 2 of 9
    Colorful Crudite in the Fridge
    Sometimes it can really help kids to see that simple raw vegetables are bursting with color and flavor. By keeping a crunchy assortment of veggies in a rainbow-like arrangement in the fridge they can reach in for a yummy snack whenever they like. Leaving it in the fridge also gives them the independence to make healthy snacking choices. If a particular vegetable is gone first you'll know it is a family favorite!
    Make colorful crudite in the fridge
  • Combine Vegetables with Favorite Fruits 3 of 9
    Combine Vegetables with Favorite Fruits
    It is always good to remind kids that vegetables can be combined with other things like fruits or grains to make delicious, nutritious food. This yummy grape salsa is both savory and sweet and is a fun way for kids to taste the terrific contrast between flavors. It can also be festively served on chips or pita bread for a lighthearted look.
    Make grape salsa
  • Use Vegetables at Containers 4 of 9
    Use Vegetables at Containers
    Vegetables can be so much fun to use as containers! Kids will flip over this fun way to serve a favorite nutritious dip, then they can eat the bowl too!
    Make guacamole tomato boats
  • Make it Mini! 5 of 9
    Make it Mini!
    Sometimes mini is a really good thing. A regular sized baked potato can look enormous to a small child. These smaller ones are more their speed and can be dressed up with all kinds of fun toppings to fit the mood.
    Make mexican potatoes
  • Play with Your Food 6 of 9
    Play with Your Food
    Show kids that vegetables are accessible by letting them dressing up stuffed peppers and pumpkins with pieces of cut up vegetables. They'll totally dig the fun faces and learn about flavors in the process.
    Make sloppy goblins
  • Use Veggies from Scratch 7 of 9
    Use Veggies from Scratch
    If your kids want to start from scratch making their food getting them involved with something vegetable based like this cool veggie sushie. They'll be able to transform their vegetables into something pretty and fun to eat making them all the more accessible.
    Make vegetable sushi
  • Get Imaginative 8 of 9
    Get Imaginative
    Never understimate the idea of using your imagination to present vegetables in an awesomely fun way. These cute vegan bento boxes are chock full of great ideas for turning vegetables into figures familiar to your kids!
    Make cute vegetable bento boxes
  • Go Seasonal! 9 of 9
    Go Seasonal!
    With Halloween coming up this vegetable skeleton is the perfect way to intrigue your kids! Do they prefer ribs or femurs? Maybe for Christmas you can do a vegetable present and for Valentines day a vegetable heart!
    Make a vegetable skeleton

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