8 Sweet Flavored Butters – Perfect For the Holidays!

Have you ever made your own flavored butter?

Flavored — or compound — butter is such a treat, and super easy to make. You simply soften up some butter, mix in your seasonings of choice (sweet or savory), and chill.

The butter can be stored in a decorative crock, or rolled into a log for easy slicing. In addition to the delicious flavor the add-ins give to the butter, the flecks of herbs and spices are so pretty too!

If you have a mixer, you can easily whip up several batches of different flavored butters in an afternoon. Freeze them now and wrap them up later for holiday parties and gifts. Some pretty ribbon and a tag are all you need. And I’ve rounded up my favorite “sweet butters”, to help get you started!

  • 8 Sweet Butters! 1 of 9
    8 sweet butters

    Compound butters are quick and easy to make — in an afternoon you can whip up a few batches, pop them in the freezer, and be at-the-ready for holiday gift-giving!

  • Cinnamon Butter 2 of 9
    amanda's cookin Cinnamon Butter

    I'm already imagining this cinnamon butter melting into those glorious popovers. These would be the perfect pair to join your Thanksgiving meal!

    Image and recipe courtesy of Amanda's Cookin'

  • Strawberry Butter 3 of 9
    donuts dresses and dirt strawberry butter

    Strawberry jam means that you can make this sweet, fruity butter any time of year — and would make a lovely counterpart to this homemade banana bread.

    Read how at Donuts, Dresses and Dirt

  • Cinnamon Sugar Vanilla Butter 4 of 9
    babble cinnamon vanilla sugar

    Can you say "Christmas Morning"? I'm picturing this on waffles and pancakes — while I'm in my pajamas, preferably. The festive red and green sprinkles make this a perfect holiday gift, presented in a pretty glass jar.

    Read how at Babble


  • Cranberry Orange Butter 5 of 9
    babble cranberry orange butter

    Put that jar of cranberry sauce to better use — in this sweet-tart (and colorful) butter!

    Read how at Babble


  • Raspberry Butter 6 of 9
    buns in my oven raspberry butter

    I know some English muffins that would LOVE to meet up with this fresh and fruity raspberry butter!

    Image and recipe courtesy of Buns In My Oven


  • Cranberry Cinnamon Honey Butter 7 of 9
    rachel cooks cranberry cinnamon honey butter

    Dried cranberries (I always have a bag of these in my pantry) make this butter a snap to make any time, and pair beautifully with the honey and cinnamon in this divine recipe!

    Image and recipe courtesy of Rachel Cooks


  • Pumpkin Honey Whipped Butter 8 of 9
    rachel cooks sweet-pumpkin-butter

    If you're running out of creative ways to use that can of pumpkin puree that's been staring you down all season, let me introduce you to this pumpkin butter — something a little different, don't you think?

    Image and recipe courtesy of Rachel Cooks


  • Vanilla Bean Butter 9 of 9
    rachel cooks vanilla-bean-whipped-butter

    She had me at vanilla bean. Seriously, I love fresh vanilla bean in pretty much everything — and have never thought to use it in butter. Forget the knife — I'll take a spoon, thank you.

    Image and recipe courtesy of Rachel Cooks


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