8 Tips for an Epic Children’s Sundae Party to Celebrate Summer

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One of the best parts about summer is relaxing the rules. Now that my daughter is out of school I am happy to let go a little bit. I let her stay up a little later, have more play dates than she can handle, and let her eat more ice cream than usual. In fact, if she eats a good dinner I let her make sundaes every now and then. The other day, to celebrate the start of summer, my neighbor’s daughters joined mine for an epic sundae party after dinner. I bought all these awesome goodies at Target, set up the table, and let them go at it. It was awesome! They had a blast building towers of awesomeness to devour before hitting the swing set to burn off the sugar. Here are my tips for ways you too can set up an absolutely epic children’s sundae party of your own!

  • 8 Tips for an Epic Children’s Sundae Party to Celebrate Summer 1 of 9
    Tips for an Epic Sundae Bar
  • Tip #1 – Pick up cute, inexpensive decor 2 of 9
    Sundae Bar Table

    A sundae party for kids is not an occasion for precious china, or even everyday household bowls. Instead, pick up a disposable tablecloth, some cute bowls, plastic spoons, and napkins in bright colors. Your table will look great and you won't have to worry about breaking anything.

  • Tip #2 – Incorporate a craft 3 of 9
    Creative Sundae Bar

    Buy some really cute crafty cut outs or something that kids can play with after their sundae is over. Start them off as placemats for the bowls!

  • Tip #3 – Bring a wide variety of toppings 4 of 9

    Kids love all kinds of toppings! Amazingly, kids can also be particular about what they'll eat so it is always best bet to buy a selection of toppings to make sure there is something everyone will like. We chose gummy bears, twist marshmallows, fruit chews, M&M's, and cherries.

  • Tip #4 – Keep sauces in containers 5 of 9

    Decanting sprinkles is one thing, but do NOT decant the sauces. Keep them in containers that are easy to squirt. It is also a good idea to help the kids put sauces on their sundaes so they don't put on too much!

  • Tip #5 – Keep it at their level 6 of 9
    Simple Sundae

    When serving up a sundae bar to children, try to set it up at their level. A short picnic table is ideal. Place all the toppings in small bowls with light spoons so even the smallest customers can sprinkle everything over their ice cream.

  • Tip #6 – Let them go crazy 7 of 9

    I am putting this as a tip because it is HARD to let small children go hog wild at sundae bar... but you should! That is the whole point! Honestly, most kids end up making a huge sundae and then only eating a few bites. Let them have fun assembling their ice cream delight, you'll be glad you did.

  • Tip #7 – Encourage creativity 8 of 9
    Creative Toppings

    Seriously, some kids have the best time trying new flavors and combinations in their ice cream. Let them get creative swirling different flavors and textures together. It is all in the spirit of a fun sundae bar!

  • Tip #8 – Embrace easy clean-up 9 of 9
    Clean up Sundae

    When dessert is over simply dump out the leftovers, fold up the disposable tablecloth and call it a day. A sundae bar is such a blast and an easy party should be as easy to end as it is to pull together!


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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