8 Ugly Cakes: From Tacky to Terrible

You think you’re not so hot in the baking department? Honey, don’t be so hard on yourself. No matter how bad your cakes come out of the oven, twenty bucks says you’ve never sunk so low as piping curly chest hair onto your pastries or created…well…anything even remotely akin to these atrocities in cake. Here are 8 of the all time ugliest cakes ever.

  • Frosty Gone Wild 1 of 8
    Frosty Gone Wild
    Whoever said yellow snow isn't for eating? PeePee Snowman Cake
  • Thanksgiving Dinner 2 of 8
    Thanksgiving Dinner
    When she asked Aunt Bea to bring a moist turkey to dinner, this wasn't exactlywhat she had in mind.
  • All Kids aren’t Created Equal 3 of 8
    All Kids aren't Created Equal
    There are some cakes only a mother could love.
  • Bella and Edward Foreva. 4 of 8
    Bella and Edward Foreva.
    At any moment, vampires looking for blood-soaked peppermints might show up to the wedding reception. One must be ready.
  • For the Meat Lover in Your Life 5 of 8
    For the Meat Lover in Your Life
    Nothing says "I love you" quite like a Meat Cake.
  • Even Magnum P.I. Couldn’t Fix This One 6 of 8
    Even Magnum P.I. Couldn't Fix This One
    Um....excuse me? So sorry to bother you. But, there's a hair in my cake. A chest hair.
  • Two Feet Tall 7 of 8
    Two Feet Tall
    When she said she just loved her baby's cute little toes, she didn't anticipate having to eatthem.
  • Good Night, Eat Tight 8 of 8
    Good Night, Eat Tight
    Rock a bye baby, in the....cake top.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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