8 Ways to Enjoy Peaches in a Jar!

One of summer’s greatest bounties is the peach harvest. I think we can all agree it’s one of the best fruits around! And while homemade peach pie and ice cream are mighty delicious, there are a lot of other fun ways to enjoy peaches. A lot of those ways involve the ever-faithful, ever-adorable mason jar!

These 8 recipes featuring peaches in a jar are sure to be delicious and cute as can be! Those kinds of recipes are just peachy!

  • Peaches + Mason Jars = Summer Yumminess! 1 of 9
    peaches in a jar

    Eight great ways to eat and drink your peaches...from a jar!

  • Canned Peaches 2 of 9
    canned peaches

    One of the foods that stand out most from my childhood are my mom's canned peaches. There is nothing quite like a homemade canned peach! This post expertly teaches us how to can these beauties!

    Make Canned Peaches from Simple Bites

  • Peach Barbecue Sauce 3 of 9
    peach barbecue sauce

    This is another canned goodie that will help you preserve the deliciousness of summer peaches all year, this time with a BBQ kick!

    Make Peach Barbecue Sauce

  • Lattice-Top Peach Pies in a Jar 4 of 9
    lattice top peach pie in a jar

    This peachy jar recipe most decidedly falls in the cute category, and there is no question these pies are also delicious!

    Make Lattice-Top Peach Pies in a Jar

  • Roasted Peach Lemonade 5 of 9
    roasted peach lemonade

    There is something magical about lemonade and summertime, but throw some roasted peaches into the mix and you have super summer magic! Be sure to serve this drink in a mason jar for extra summertime charm!

    Make Roasted Peach Lemonade

  • Raspberry Peach White Wine Jam 6 of 9
    raspberry peach white wine jam

    This homemade jam sounds downright delectable.

    Make Raspberry Peach White Wine Jam from Food For My Family

  • Sweet and Spicy Pickled Peaches 7 of 9
    sweet and spicy pickled peaches

    Think cucumbers are the only ones who get pickled? Think again! These sweet yet spicy pickled peaches are very unique and will satisfy any savory-sweet craving!

    Make Sweet and Spicy Pickled Peaches

  • Peach Cobbler in a Mason Jar 8 of 9
    peach cobbler in a mason jar

    These peach cobblers are just as cute as the peach pies in a jar! Perfect for serving to your guests on a summer night!

    Make Peach Cobbler in a Mason Jar

  • Icy Vodka Peach Tea 9 of 9
    icy vodka peach tea

    This peach-in-a-jar recipe is the most spirited of the bunch!

    Make Icy Vodka Peach Tea

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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