9 Alternative Uses for a Peep

Marshmallow Peeps – those soft, squishy, colourful candies that were so popular even when I was a kid – seem to pop up everywhere each spring. And after Easter weekend, they’ll most likely go on sale. If you find yourself with a plethora of Peeps leftover in your Easter (or grocery) basket, here are 9 new ways to use them – from iPhone holders to pincushions – they’re not just for eating anymore!

  • Bottle stopper. 1 of 9
    Keep opened wine from getting funky with funky wine stoppers that will easily adapt to any bottle.
  • Business card holder. 2 of 9
    Using a small, serrated knife, slice the fold above the tail a little further, and you have a fun, festive business card holder.
  • Bait. 3 of 9
    Nevermind expensive fishing lures - a peep is as brightly coloured as any, and you can pick up a 10-pack for a dollar!
  • iPhone stand. 4 of 9
    Why drop tens of dollars for an iPhone stand when you can pick up a soft, squishy 10-pack for a dollar? They come in yellow, pink and lavender to suit all iPhone cover styles and tastes. If your iPhone starts to slip on your Peep, simply lick it to improve adhesion. (The Peep, not the phone.)
  • Wedge for stabilizing uneven table and chair legs. 5 of 9
    A soft, squishy Peep is better than any wedge of cardboard for evening out a wobbly table or chair.
  • Pincushion. 6 of 9
    Need somewhere to store your pins as you hem that pair of pants? Peeps of all shapes and colours make attractive, inexpensive pincushions.
  • Toothbrush holder. 7 of 9
    A small nick in the meaty part of a Peep creates a small, sticky hole - perfect for stabilizing a toothbrush sink side.
  • Target practice. 8 of 9
    Line 'em up shooting range-style and use them to practice your sharpshooting. They go flying off railings very satisfactorily, and bb guns leave an impressive mark. (Please shoot responsibly…)
  • Bathtub toys. 9 of 9
    Bring back the classic rubber ducky with these delicious marshmallow duckies that melt ever so slowly into your warm bath, leaving a colourful sticky residue. (Warning: Peeps will self-destruct.)

(Note: we’re kidding, obviously. Just so you know.)


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