9 Food-Filled Reasons to LOVE February!

food reasons to love February
food reasons to love February

February can be cold, a bit dreary and a little gloomy at times. But wait a second–this month might be chilly when it comes to seasonal weather, but it is quite sunny and delicious when it comes to food! This month gives us Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, the Super Bowl, and the cheerful possibility of an early spring. From chocolate bliss to heart-shaped everything, here are the 9 food-filled reasons why you can LOVE February!

  • Reason 1: Chocolate 1 of 10
    Reason 1: Chocolate
    Even though the holiday treats from December are long gone, this is your chance to indulge in some festive chocolate desserts all in the name of love. Gourmet boxed chocolates, chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, brownies and more should be on your "things to eat" list for February.
    Make a double chocolate loaf cake
  • Reason 2: Pink Foods 2 of 10
    Reason 2: Pink Foods
    This month is every little girls dream since pretty much every food is coated in pink, white, fuchsia, rose, hot pink and red. Try some pretty pink cupcakes, pink-sprinkled cookies or rose-pink smoothies!
    Make a pink berry bagel and get 22 pink-infused vegan recipes
  • Reason 3: Mardi Gras 3 of 10
    Reason 3: Mardi Gras
    Mardi Gras not only brings along a robust celebration of all things New Orleans, but it also brings along some delicious eats like King Cake, Red Beans and Rice and maybe a Fat Tuesday-approved veggie burger.
    Make a red beans and rice veggie burger
  • Reason 4: Super Bowl Eats 4 of 10
    Reason 4: Super Bowl Eats
    Sometimes the biggest football game of the year falls in February, so that gives us a few more delicious reasons to love February eats! Like pizza, dips, chips and guacamole galore.
    Make pumpkin seed guacamole and get veganized Super Bowl snack recipes
  • Reason 5: Soup 5 of 10
    Reason 5: Soup
    These chilly temperatures make hot, wellness-infused bowls of soup taste better than ever!
    Make this Chunky Veggie Stew
  • Reason 6: Wellness Eating 6 of 10
    Reason 6: Wellness Eating
    February is a smart month to embrace wellness-infused, immunity boosting foods! If you didn't get a flu shot last month you are probably wanting to ingest all the vitamin C filled foods you can find. So that means plenty of fresh orange juice, kiwis, grapefruit and more delicious healthy foods to embrace.
    Get this Grapefruit Smoothie recipe plus 20 more wellness recipes
  • Reason 7: Heart-Shaped Foods 7 of 10
    Reason 7: Heart-Shaped Foods
    With Valentine's Day this month, it seems February becomes one long celebration of love. And hearts are the symbol of love! Whip up a heart-shaped dish for your Valentine to show them you care. Try heart-shaped sugar cookies or even a heart-shaped pizza!
    Make this strawberry avocado heart-shaped salad
  • Reason 8: Hot Mugs 8 of 10
    Reason 8: Hot Mugs
    February brings snow, ice, drizzle and an icy chill in the air. (I'm not talking to you Miami!) So indulge in your favorite warm mugs like cocoa, mochas and tea.
    Find out what color mug cocoa tastes best in, according to one study
  • Reason 9: Early Spring Recipes 9 of 10
    Reason 9: Early Spring Recipes
    As February winds down, you may actually start to see spring-infused recipes popping up online and in restaurants. Start with some green spring peas and move your way into flower-filled salads and sandwiches and even a batch of spring cupcakes!
    Make a Lemon Pepper Hummus Bagel, recipe on Healthy. Happy. Life.
  • Bonus: Oscar Eats 10 of 10
    Bonus: Oscar Eats
    A bonus food-worthy celebration this month for movie lovers: the Oscars, aka Academy Awards! So shine up your menu and throw a red carpet worthy party with Oscar eats galore. Red Carpet Bruschetta anyone?
    Get vegan Oscar Party recipes


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