9 Reasons Breakfast Matters (Plus Recipes to Make Mornings a Breeze!)

Skipping breakfast can seem like a great way to cut calories, or save tons of time in the  morning, but you may want to think twice before you, or your kids, pass on a morning meal. For adults and kids alike, breakfast is a valuable part of your daily routine. Inspired by The Daily Meal, head below the jump for nine great reasons that your family should make time for a healthy breakfast.


  • Better Focus 1 of 9
    Better Focus

    Put simply, food is fuel, and everyone, especially kids, needs to re-up after a night of fasting. Study after study proves that a high-quality (not sugar-packed) breakfast can make a real difference in academic performance.

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    Make wholesome, fiber-rich cherry orange oatmeal
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  • Essential Nutrients 2 of 9
    Essential Nutrients

    In addition to the natural vitamins and fiber in fruits, seeds, grains, and nuts, breakfast foods are often fortified with essential vitamins like folate, vitamin D, and B vitamins. A regular morning meal provides a great opportunity to boost stores of these vital nutrients in the body.

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    Make whole wheat cinnamon raisin pancakes
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  • Breakfast and Health: There’s a Link 3 of 9
    Breakfast and Health: There's a Link

    People who eat breakfast place themselves at less risk of heart disease than those who abstain, as people who eat breakfast tend to have lower cholesterol and higher fiber diets, both of which promote cardiovascular health. Consider a regular healthy breakfast something positive you can do for kids' health each and every day.

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    Make wholesome, fiber-rich cherry orange oatmeal
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  • Reduce Risk for Obesity and Diabetes 4 of 9
    Reduce Risk for Obesity and Diabetes

    According to The Daily Meal, studies have shown that high-fat meals are best digested when eaten at the beginning of the day. So if your family enjoys heavy foods, you might want to serve them up for breakfast instead of dinner.

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    Make slow-cooked scrambled eggs
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  • Reduce Risk of Eating Disorders 5 of 9
    Reduce Risk of Eating Disorders

    Breakfast-skipping is hardly rare, but it can have a big effect on how teens see their bodies. Regular breakfasts set an example of good eating habits that help guide teens toward organized (as opposed to disorganized) eating, prompting a healthier relationship with food.

    For more great reasons to have breakfast, head over to The Daily Meal.

    Make coconut chai oatmeal
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  • Create Healthy Habits for Life 6 of 9
    Create Healthy Habits for Life

    There are a host of breakfast options out there, and some of them are actually worse for you than dessert. By helping kids to eat a nutritious, balanced breakfast each day, you lay a foundation of healthy choices than may last a lifetime.

    Make whole wheat pancakes with dried cherries

  • Rev Up Metabolism 7 of 9
    Rev Up Metabolism

    Overnight our metabolism slows down. Eating breakfast gives it a jump start and can help you to burn more calories than if you hadn't eaten. Skipping breakfast can also lead to unhealthy snacking later in the day.

    Make baked oatmeal with blackberries

  • Good for Families 8 of 9
    Good for Families

    Much like the family dinner, a family breakfast can be beneficial for the family unit as a whole, especially when a family dinner isn't always possible. Families who eat breakfast together regularly improve communication, and a have a reduced risk of drug use and eating disorders.

    Read more about the benefits of a family breakfast

  • Enjoy Unique Ingredients 9 of 9
    Enjoy Unique Ingredients

    At its best, breakfast is a great time to eat great foods we might not get to later in the day. It's the perfect time to eat plenty of fruits and nutritious, fiber-rich foods like oatmeal, flax, nuts, and bran.

    Make hearty oatcake muffins


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