9 Ways to Cook a Whole Chicken

One of the most economical meat choices in the grocery store are whole chickens. A whole chicken, whether it’s organic, free range, or kosher, will always be cheaper than it’s butchered counterpart. What was that? You don’t won’t to cut up your own chicken? Me neither. I hardly ever separate my whole chickens. Call me lazy, but there are many ways to cook your chicken whole. And when you make a whole chicken, or 2 at the beginning of the week, you can use the leftovers in other recipes to save you time and money. Leftover chicken can be used in fajitas, paninis, soups, casseroles, and so many more recipes.

Here’s 9 ways you can cook a whole chicken:

  • Slow Cooker Whole Chicken 1 of 9
    This has got to be one of my favorite ways. Just toss your chicken in the slow cooker with whatever herbs, vegetables and spices you like. 8 hours later you have tender delicious chicken.
    Find this recipe at The Little Kitchen
  • Oven Roasted Chicken 2 of 9
    Roasting a chicken in the oven couldn't be easier. Just fill the cavity of the bird with some type of fruit, veggie or a handful of herbs. Add salt and pepper and your done. Roast it at 350° until the internal temperature is 160°. You can roast it in a roasting bag or just on a rack.
    Find this recipe at The Family Kitchen
  • Beer Can Chicken 3 of 9
    Want a super moist bird? Then place it on a beer can filled with beer, of course, and a few herbs and spices mixed in if you like. Salt and pepper your bird and roast it in the oven or on your grill at 350° until the internal temperature is 160°.
    Find this recipe at The Family Kitchen
  • Rotisserie Chicken 4 of 9
    You can also buy a rotisserie for your grill. Believe me, these are way better than any grocery store bird.
    Find this bacon rubbed rotisserie chicken recipe at Another Pint Please
  • Smoked Chicken 5 of 9
    Smoked chicken can be done in a traditional smoker, or even in your charcoal grill. For instructions, check out Shaina's post here.
    Find this recipe for Simple Mesquite Smoked Chicken at Pass the Sushi
  • Grilled Butterflied Chicken 6 of 9
    This is a really easy way to grill a whole chicken. Just butterfly it with a pair of kitchen shears, and grill it. Laura has a great how to and delicious recipe on her site.
    Find this recipe at Laura's Best Recipes
  • Whole Pressure Cooker Chicken 7 of 9
    Need to get your chicken done in a hurry? Try your pressure cooker. Just add all the spices you like with a few veggies and in about 40 minutes, your chicken is done!
    Find this recipe at I Mostly Eat Meat
  • Whole Poached Chicken 8 of 9
    This is an excellent way to make plenty of chicken for your recipes during the next week. Just place a whole chicken in a big pot. Cover with water and add whichever herbs and spices you like. Bring to a simmer, not a boil, and cook until the internal temperature is 160°.
    Find this recipe at Lauren Groveman's Kitchen
  • Whole Fried Chicken 9 of 9
    You know that deep fryer for your turkey tucked away in the garage you only bring out once a year? Well no more! You can fry up a whole chicken using the same method as you do a turkey.
    Find this recipe at My Asian Kitchen

Be sure that with any of these recipes, that the internal temperature of your chicken comes to at least 160°.

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