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Peep Sunflower Cake

This week my friend Sarah Bovagnet from Food on the Table stopped by some great tips on how to save money on Easter dinner this year!

The warmth and sunshine of springtime has finally arrived, accompanied by the excitement and stress of planning the perfect Easter dinner for your family and friends. When the time comes to sit and feast, we want you to relax and enjoy the festivities without having to worry about the money spent leading up to the big dinner. Thankfully, keeping the expenses to a minimum and the celebrations to a maximum just takes a bit of preparation and thinking ahead. Here are 9 ways to save money on Easter dinner!

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  • Use Leftovers Wisely 1 of 11
    Use Leftovers Wisely
    To avoid throwing untouched leftovers out after a couple days in the fridge, use a bit of creativity and online research to find endless recipe ideas for what's left of your Easter dinner. Whether you choose to make omelets for breakfast or a ham salad for lunch, you'll be sure to find some good ideas.
    Make a leftover Easter egg salad sandwich
  • Make Your Own Centerpieces 2 of 11
    Make Your Own Centerpieces
    Making your own centerpieces can save a lot of money. Instead of a $50 bouquet, these oranges cost less than $5, stud them with cloves and pile them in an attractive bowl.
    Make orange pomander centerpieces
  • pantry22 3 of 11
    This awesome rack of lamb recipe is tailor made for families. It is easy to make and is ideal for the anyone serving a crowd.
    Make family friendly rack of lamb
  • Bake Your Own Cake 4 of 11
    Bake Your Own Cake
    The ingredients for making this cake from scratch are $10 less than the cost of the average store-bought cake. Baking your desserts will both save money and increase flavor!
    Make your own Peeps sunflower cake
  • Be Wise with Wine, Serve Sangria 5 of 11
    Be Wise with Wine, Serve Sangria
    Serving wine can make any dinner party a pricy one. Instead of grabbing several expensive bottles that may not last long, opt for a festive alternative instead sangria. All you need is inexpensive wine, ginger ale and fruit for enough to last the whole meal. It's tasty, and it will make your wine reserve last much longer, saving you money.
    Make this tasty red wine sangria
  • Plan Your Menu in Advance 6 of 11
    Plan Your Menu in Advance
    Get a head start on planning the big meal! That way, you'll have more time to look out for coupons and deals at your local grocery store. The earlier you start planning the menu, the more time you'll have to catch the best deals at the supermarket.
    Here is our best Easter menu
  • Make it a Potluck 7 of 11
    Make it a Potluck
    An easy way to save time, energy and, most importantly, money is to share dinner responsibilities with your family and friends. Have guests volunteer to bring a side, dessert or beverage to your meal. Once you've established who is bringing what, you can focus on what's left and enjoy the extra time and money on your hands.
    Make french apple potluck salad
  • Change Tradition, Roast a Turkey 8 of 11
    Change Tradition, Roast a Turkey
    Don't be afraid to stray from a traditional Easter ham that will quickly put you over your budget. This Easter, introduce a new custom into your family by changing the main entrée to something more affordable and equally delicious. Roasted chicken, turkey and beef tenderloin are only a few of the many alternatives available.
    Make Martha Stewart's classic roast turkey
  • Buy Fresh, Not Frozen 9 of 11
    Buy Fresh, Not Frozen
    The best way to save money while getting food at the peak of its flavor is buying fresh produce. See what's in season in your area fresh broccoli, zucchini, lettuce, artichoke and spring peas should be available at your local store.
    Here are 20 great artichoke recipes for the vegetable that is currently in season
  • radishes-300×199 10 of 11
    This awesome rack of lamb recipe is tailor made for families. It is easy to make and is ideal for the anyone serving a crowd.
    Make family friendly rack of lamb
  • Stock Your Pantry 11 of 11
    Stock Your Pantry
    You might find some useful ingredients that will save you a few bucks at the register. Taking a little time to survey your shelves might inspire you to come up with a few recipes you can make with the things you have on hand.
    Here are over 30 ways to stock your pantry


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