90s Breakfasts Gone Vegan: 23 Recipes!

Ah, the 1990s. Those days brought us sugary breakfast cereals, neon-colored breakfast tarts and all things Pillsbury. Maybe you once enjoyed a chewy chocolate chip granola bar, or you just dove into some leftover birthday cake batter you found in the fridge. Or maybe you told your sister to “leggo my Eggo!” or to get her hands off the giant Cinnabon you brought back from the mall. We have a vegan version for all these and more! From Cinnamon Toast Crunch to ‘Philly‘ cream-cheese slathered bagels, here are 23 recipes inspired by your childhood or teenhood breakfast memories of the 90s. And yes, there is actually a recipe for homemade, vegan Lucky Charms in this collection. Have some fun, and click through this memory-filled gallery of vegan recipes!

  • 90s Breakfasts Gone Vegan 1 of 25
    Welcome (back) to the 1990s. A land where cartoons and sweet cold cereal go hand in hand. Cinnamon buns for breakfast were totally approved. And silver shiny foil meant your toaster tarts were ready to eat cold or toasted! But this time around, your favorite dishes are made vegan!
  • Cinnamon Buns with Frosting 2 of 25
    Remember popping open that tube of cinnamon buns, frosting included? In under 30 minutes you would have warm, gooey, amazing treats on your plate. As always, just be sure to snag that tub of frosting before your sibling gets to it! Try orange rolls, too. These dreamy vegan buns have a citrus accent!
    photo: Kathy Patalsky
    Make Vegan Cinnamon Orange Rolls with Frosting
  • Very Lucky Charms Cereal 3 of 25
    If you were a Lucky Charms sort of kid, this vegan recipe will blow your mind. Pink hearts, blue diamonds, green clovers and more speckle this gluten-free cereal complete with pastel green non-dairy milk to pour on top!
    photo: Cara, Fork and Beans
    Make Vegan Lucky Charms Vegan Cereal, recipe on Fork and Beans
  • Mini Frosted Donuts 4 of 25
    Wait...donuts for breakfast? In the 90s, this was not only totally approved, but encouraged! Those mini packs of either powdered or chocolate frosted donuts were popular with school kids kids with frosty donut mouths were practically everywhere. Well while donuts might not be the healthiest breakfast choice for mature, nutrition-minded adults, these vegan donuts are more guilt-free than you might guess!
    photo: Cara, Fork and Beans
    Make Vegan Mini Frosted Sprinkled Donuts, recipe on Fork and Beans
  • French Bread Pizza for Breakfast 5 of 25
    A popular after-school snack of the 90s? Those easily microwavable frozen French bread pizzas, of course! Well, I know a few sneaky kids who would whip those up for breakfast. If that was you, you may think this vegan pizza breadstick recipe is pretty rad.
    photo: Kathy Patalsky
    Make Vegan Pizza Breadsticks
  • Pink Strawberry Mini Tarts 6 of 25
    Strawberry Pop Tarts with frosting on top were a breakfast staple of the 90s. These vegan mini tarts with strawberry filling and sweet pink frosting will help you re-live those pop-perfect morning memories.
    photo: Katie, Chocolate Covered Katie
    Make Vegan Pink-Frosted Mini Tarts, recipe on Chocolate Covered Katie
  • Cinnamon Frosted Tarts 7 of 25
    ...Or maybe you were more of a cinnamon-frosted tart lover. These spelt tarts with cinnamon frosting and raspberry filling should make you feel great!
    photo: Jessie, Made to Create
    Make Vegan Cinnamon-Frosted Tarts, recipe on Made to Create
  • Unfrosted Berry Tarts 8 of 25
    Or maybe you were trying to be a healthy toaster tart eater and enjoyed the classic, au natural, un-frosted tarts! These strawberry tarts with beautifully crimped edges should satisfy.
    photo: Cara, Fork and Beans
    Make Vegan Berry Tarts, recipe on Fork and Beans
  • Let Go of My Waffle 9 of 25
    Pop a frozen waffle in the toaster, and in a minute or so you would have a perfectly toasty breakfast bite. Just make sure you snatch up that waffle first so you don't have to say, "Hey, leggo my..." Or you could simply whip up these amazingly vegan and gluten free waffles and share the breakfast bliss with everyone!
    photo: Cara, Fork and Beans
    Make Vegan Waffles, recipe on Fork and Beans
  • Cinna Toast Cereal 10 of 25
    Cinnamon toast cold cereal was beloved by all in the 90s...and today! Well, this low-carb version will make you feel like a kid again (minus the sugar high.)
    photo: Kelly, Foodie Fiasco
    Make Vegan Cinna Toast Cereal, recipe on Foodie Fiasco
  • Chewy Chocolate Granola Bars 11 of 25
    If you were around in the 90s, I can pretty much guess that there was at least one morning when a Quaker granola bar was your snack or breakfast of choice. Those gooey, delicious, sweet oat and filling flavors were all you needed to get up and go. The chocolate chip peanut butter flavor was always the first to exit the variety pack box in my household. Well as a responsible adult, you can feel good about feeding your family these vegan bars.
    photo: Katie, Chocolate Covered Katie
    Make Vegan Granola Bars, recipe on Chocolate Covered Katie
  • Cake Batter Energy Bars 12 of 25
    Cake batter for breakfast? Maye it happened to you. But nowadays you can feel good about indulging in that classic 90s flavor for breakfast via these chewy energy bars with crispy rice and nutty flavors...and colorful bits too!
    photo: Katie, Chocolate Covered Katie
    Make Vegan Cake Batter Bars, recipe on Chocolate Covered Katie
  • Bagels 13 of 25
    Bagels for breakfast, please! Bagels were an easy toasted bite in the 90s, pre-sliced and ready to slather in some white cream cheese. Well grab some tofu or cashew cream cheese and make these homemade bagels today.
    photo: Cara, Fork and Beans
    Make Vegan Bagels, recipe on Fork and Beans
  • Breakfast Sandwich 14 of 25
    Breakfast sandwiches were quite popular in the 90s, whether you made them at home or grabbed one from a fast food joint. This melty-cheese, stacked vegan breakfast sandwich will satisfy those same hot sandwich cravings. Husband approved!
    photo: Kathy, HHL
    Make a vegan breakfast sandwich, recipe on Healthy. Happy. Life.
  • Breakfast Cookie Dough 15 of 25
    Please tell me that you did not eat tubed cookie dough for breakfast as a kid in the 90s. Okay, so maybe you just wanted to. Well if you love cookie dough flavor in the AM hours, try this creative recipe.
    photo: Katie, Chocolate Covered Katie
    Make Cookie Dough for Breakfast, recipe on Chocolate Covered Katie
  • Healthy Cream Cheese Frosting 16 of 25
    Cream cheese frosting was a staple of the 90s, on cinnamon buns, coffee cake or just by the spoonful. Well try this healthier version for all your frosting needs.
    photo: Katie, Chocolate Covered Katie
    Make Vegan Cream Cheese Frosting, recipe on Chocolate Covered Katie
  • Peanut Butter Banana Donuts 17 of 25
    Get back to your 90s donut cravings. These peanut butter banana donuts would look lovely in a pink bakery box.
    photo: Amanda, Pickles and Honey
    Make Vegan PB Banana Donuts, recipe on Pickles and Honey
  • Coffee Cake 18 of 25
    If your family just loved those white boxed goodies like coffee cake, this vegan cream cheese-filled "Cheesecake" Coffee Cake should make you very happy.
    photo: Katie, Chocolate Covered Katie
    Make Vegan Coffee Cake, recipe on Chocolate Covered Katie
  • Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal 19 of 25
    Okay, all you healthy breakfast kids and teens. You were happy to grab a brown and green packet of apple cinnamon instant oatmeal in the mornings. This baked apple cinnamon oatmeal bowl will delight your taste buds, as well as your inner 'healthy eater'.
    photo: Kristy, Keepin it Kind
    Make Vegan Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal, recipe on Keepin' it Kind
  • Frosted and Sugared Mini Donuts 20 of 25
    Don't like you really did eat donuts a lot as a kid. Here is another radical recipe: vegan sugared and frosted mini donuts.
    photo: Cara, Fork and Beans
    Make Vegan Sugar Coated Donuts, recipe on Fork and Beans
  • MiniBuns 21 of 25
    The cinnamon buns of the 90s were BIG. I mean as big as your face sometimes. That's why mini-buns were created to much applause. These tasty vegan minibuns will be embraced and adored, as well.
    photo: Vegan Pandamonium
    Make Vegan MiniBuns, recipe on Vegan Pandamonium
  • Pancakes 22 of 25
    Lucky you if your mom or dad whipped you up some homemade pancakes for breakfast. These vegan banana chocolate chip pancakes with blueberries on top will make you and your family just as happy today as they did for you back then!
    photo: Cailtin, The Vegan Chickpea
    Make Vegan Pancakes, recipe on The Vegan Chickpea
  • Gluten Free French Toast 23 of 25
    Homemade French toast mornings were the best! But now you might be watching your gluten intake a bit more. This vegan, gluten-free French toast recipe should help with that!
    photo: Cailtin, The Vegan Chickpea
    Make Vegan GF French Toast, recipe on The Vegan Chickpea
  • Frosted Animal Cookies 24 of 25
    Circus Cookies were a popular snacking staple in the 90s, and you may have even enjoyed them first thing in the morning. Well go ahead and indulge in that favorite cookie treat with a vegan version. Just maybe steer clear of these for breakfast.
    photo: Cara, Fork and Beans
    Make vegan frosted animal cookies, recipe on Fork and Beans
  • Better Cheezy Crackers 25 of 25
    ...And that goes for these cheezy cheddar crackers, too. You probably found them in your brown bag lunch as a kid and maybe snuck a few for breakfast. Well this vegan version recipe is even better than you ever imagined! You can even nibble a few for breakfast if you are really craving them.
    photo: Cara, Fork and Beans
    Make Vegan Cheddar Crackers, recipe on Fork and Beans


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