A Cute Munchkins Cake!

After we had fun making our donut cake I had the idea to make a Munchkins cake. Specifically, I had the idea to let me daughter make the cake since it would be perfect for her little hands. I picked up a nice big box of donut holes on the way home from doing errands and then we piled them up into a pyramid with a candle on top. It took about two seconds to make and the smile on her face was priceless. The whole point of this little pile is not to pretend it is something elaborate, it is something to have fun with. We think it would be a really cool “cake” to have at school for a birthday party. It would also be fun to serve at a picnic since you can assemble it once you’ve arrived at your destination.

How to Make a Munchkins Cake

12 or 24 donut holes


The key to making a donut hole cake is stability. The first thing to find is a stable plate with a wide, flat surface. A bowl with rounded sides won’t work. Then arrange the donut holes in a circle. Keep them snuggly together. Then, decrease the amount steadily as you pile them up to make a pyramid. Try to use a variety of donut holes so they cake is really cute. Or, use all one kind of donut hole to make it look uniform. A whole pile of powdered donuts would look so pretty! Finally, put a candle on top of the last donut hole. Enjoy!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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