A Guide to the Scariest Looking Fruits of Halloween

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I want to thank  Melissa’s Produce for providing me with all the fruit to aid this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

I sometimes look at different fruits and believe they are just too scary looking to even eat. In those cases, we reach for them to frighten our guests and loved ones during this Halloween season. Take a browse through the scariest looking fruits on the planet. You may not want to eat them, but they will make for a horrified setting. Happy Halloween!

  • Scary Fruits 1 of 13

    Click through this guide to find which fruit spooks you the most. BOO!

  • Rambutans 2 of 13

    The inside of a rambutan looks like an eyeball, and the outside could easily be some type of alien. Rambutans means "Hairy Fruit" in Thailand, it's the cousin to the lychee.

  • Carnival Squash 3 of 13

    This thick skinned, pumpkin-shaped squash is a sure sign there is a ghoul around the bend. The raw flesh inside is the color of dead pale orange. 

  • Cactus Pear 4 of 13

    Cactus pears are grown in California and are also called 'tunas' in Spanish. The fruit is more of a cactus, not really a pear.  Fruit of a cactus is the only plant that is both a fruit and vegetable (nopal).

  • Pomegranate 5 of 13

    Pomegranates are California grown — there are 3 ways to eat them (seeds, around seeds, seeds and white pith.) They are also called Chinese Apples. If you smash them into something white, it will look like a blood stain. 

  • Buddha’s Hand 6 of 13

    Buddha's Hand is California grown, and the zest is the only part used for eating - no fruit inside. This fruit given as a gift for the Chinese New Year for "good luck and fortune." It would look really cool coming out of a bowl of chips or as a way to scare your Halloween guests. 

  • Gold Nugget Squash 7 of 13

    This winter squash is best if cut in half, and then scoop out the seeds and roast it. 

  • Dragon Fruit 8 of 13

    Don't let the outside fool you, this creepy creature is white with little black seeds inside. Tastes great, but from the look of things I would be SCARED!

  • Delicata Squash 9 of 13

    A long, oblong shaped squash that looks more like a ghost than a pumpkin. This winter squash is one of the smallest of the hard squash varieties, and it's only available through Sept  to Jan.

  • Cherimoya 10 of 13

    Cherimoyas have a tutti-fruity flavor, though it looks more like a grenade or  like a Frankenstein toad than fruit.  White interior contains black inedible seeds.

  • Longans 11 of 13

    Longans in Asian are called Dragon Eyes, cousin to lychee too. The inside was too disgusting to show. Drop these longans peeled into a punch bowl and all your guests will think you have eyeballs floating in there. 

  • Passion Fruits 12 of 13

    If you want to see what slimy guts look like, break a passion fruit in half. Passion fruits are grown in California and wrinkle when ripe. UGLY!

  • The Party Shot 13 of 13

    Here's how Melissa's Produce displayed their scary fruits. What will you do with yours?

    Photo by: Melissa's Produce


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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