A Sweet Goodbye to Summer: Watermelon Bombe Cake

My sister and I were talking on the phone a couple of weeks ago, when she asked, “do you remember that watermelon-sherbet cake mom used to make?”  The very thought threw us both into fits of giggles.  When she had a houseful of kids to feed, my mom was a regular Betty Crocker.  But, nowadays, she’s much too sophisticated to don an apron.  And, she’s definitely no longer the type of cook that would sit in the kitchen a mold sherbet into a divine, watermelon shaped dessert.  Though mom is no longer a finicky cook, I’ve now got my own house full of clever kids to feed.  Remembering that Watermelon Bombe cake made me want to make it immediately for our Labor Day potluck dessert, treating my tots to one of the simple delights of my youth.

Though this sherbet-based cake looks decorative and fussy, it’s really ridiculously simple.  It takes less than 10 minutes to put together, and about an hour to firmly freeze it.  My mom’s version called for lime sherbet, raspberry sherbet, and mini chocolate chips.  I thought the addition of ladyfingers would make an easy way to serve the cake with a sturdy base, while offering a sweet option for soaking up any melted sherbet.  Easy, fresh tasting, and totally adorable.  This Watermelon Bombe Cake has to be the most delightsome way to say goodbye to summer.

Watermelon Bombe Ice Cream Cake

Serves: 8-10

2 quarts lime sherbet
2 quarts raspberry sherbet
1 c. chocolate chips
1 (3 oz.) package of Lady fingers

1. Line a very round plastic or metal bowl with plastic wrap,  making sure there is more than enough plastic hanging over the edge (this will help you remove the bombe from the bowl once it’s frozen).  Spoon & smooth softened lime sherbet around the edges of the bowl with a spatula. I found it helpful to stir the sherbet a couple of times to make it pliable before spooning it into the bowl. Running the spatula under a stream of hot water will help you create a nice, smooth line around the outer edge of the sherbet. Freeze for 10 minutes and allow to harden slightly.

2. Stir mini chocolate chips into softened raspberry sherbet. Spoon raspberry sherbet into the center part of the lime-sherbet covered bowl. Use a warm spatula to smooth the sherbet evenly. Place lady fingers around the top of the sherbet. Return to the freezer for an hour, or until ready to serve.

3. To serve, use the edges of the plastic wrap to remove the cake from the bowl. Turn upside down onto a cake platter. Slice with a sharp knife. Serve & enjoy!

*Design Note: If desired, you can also add a third layer of plain vanilla ice cream between the two sherbets to create the “white” part of the watermelon.

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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