A Tazo Tea Store from Starbucks in Seattle

Just over a week ago I was in Seattle, enjoying a blissfully sunny day, too, I might add. While I may have complained about Seattle’s Juneuary before I headed out, I quickly fell in love with the waterfront views and the coffee shops on every block, sometimes two per block. There is literally no problem getting caffeinated in Seattle.

A good example of this is when getting ready to board a bus at our hotel that would take us to Lake Chelan, I determined I needed a coffee to go. I soon needed to decide between two equidistant Starbucks locations (directly across the street) or a coffee shop one floor below me. If I had spent some time looking, I probably could have found a few extra options.

Sure, Seattle is known for its coffee, but what if you prefer to get your caffeine in another form? Say, tea. Tazo Tea, specifically. Soon, you’ll be able to.

Coming in October, the mega-giant siren sets forth on a new adventure: tea. The NY Post reported that Starbucks is set to open a 1,700-foot store in Seattle’s University Village that will be tea-only. If you’re looking for a tea party, they’ll have plenty of pastries, chocolates, and other tea necessities to make it a reality.

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