25 Adorable Food Animals

Have you ever made animal shapes with food? Sometimes it is kind of fun to do, especially when it is to introduce kids to new flavors and textures. Here are a few of our favorite food animals on the web. One of them is actually a sculpture that just looks like food. Can you guess which one it is? The other ones are definitely edible and only require basic crafting skills to pull off. What are you waiting for? How about some food animals for dinner tonight!

  • 25 Adorable Food Animals 1 of 26
    25 Adorable Food Animals

    Come and check out these adorable animals entirely made from edible foods!

  • Clothespin Butterfly Snacks 2 of 26

    The clothespin butterflies are the perfect snack crafts for kids. Have them paint the clothes pin and choose colorful food for the wings!
    Find out how to make these on Juggling with Kids

  • Sesame Street Birthday platters 3 of 26

    What kid wouldn't love these familiar Sesame Street faces? And what parent wouldn't love how healthy everything is!
    Find this recipe on on Sesame Street Birthday

  • Cauliflower Poodle Sculpture 4 of 26

    If you want to really make this out of cauliflower, please try it. But if you want it to really last, buy the fake sculpture!
    Get this sculpture on Amazon.com

  • Bulls & Cows with Tomatoes 5 of 26

    These cool bulls and cows are made with tomatoes! How cool is that? Best of all, the step-by-step instructions show just how easy they are to make.
    Check them out on Culinary Exclusive

  • Strawberry Shortcake Snake 6 of 26

    This strawberry shortcake snake is adorable and fun. Make it with your kids for a healthy dessert they will love!
    Find out how to make this snake on Disney Family Fun

  • Animal Chips 7 of 26
    Animal Chips

    This simple technique for making homemade animal chips is so easy anyone can do it. Best of all, once you have it down pat you can make any shape of animal into chip form!

    Photo: Disney Spoonful

  • Worried Octopus Sandwich 8 of 26
    worried octopus sandwich

    This adorable octopus looks so worried. Will lunch time ever come? Make this healthy vegan lunch for your kids!

    Photo: Bentoriffic

  • Froggy Cupcakes 9 of 26
    Froggy Cupcakes

    These sweet froggy cupcakes will be a hit with any young froggy fan. Best of all, making those cute eyes is so easy anyone can do it!

    Photo: Disney Spoonful.com

  • Crabby Sandwich 10 of 26
    Crabby Sandwich

    This adorable sandwich is so fun for a beach day! It also is fruity and healthy and perfect for kids or adults.

    Photo: Family Fun

  • Crocodile Cake 11 of 26
    Crocodile Cake

    Any gator fan would LOVE this adorable cake. Get the kids involved decorating the cake with gumdrops and green candies!

    Photo: Disney Spoonful.com

  • Babybel Angry Bird 12 of 26
    babybel angry bird

    These amazing birds are made from a super simple Babybel cheese! The kids will love these sweet snacks that are so easy for you to make!

    Photo: Paula Jones

  • Dinosaur Cake 13 of 26
    dappled dinosaur cake

    Roar! Your youngest dino fan will love this cool cake and the older one will have fun making the spikes!

    Photo: Disney Spoonful.com

  • Watermelon Hedgehog 14 of 26
    watermelon hedgehog

    Check out this adorable hedgehog! It would be so fun, and healthy, to serve up at a casual soiree.

    Photo: Watermelon.org

  • Shark Cake 15 of 26
    Shark Cake

    This is a little scary....but so much fun! Get your inner Jaws fan out for this cake and serve it up at an ocean side gathering.

    Photo: Kenneth Chen

  • Slippery Snake Cake 16 of 26
    slippery snake cake

    Snakes may not be the most traditional cake but this one is so cute! Let it slither up your table and invite the kids to take a bite.

    Photo: Disney Spoonful.com

  • Sea Turtle 17 of 26
    Sea Turtle

    These sweet vegan sea turtle is perfect for the lunchbox. You can also make it with regular cheese and send it swimming off to school.

    Photo: Bentoriffic

  • Vegan Goldfish Crackers 18 of 26
    vegan goldfish crackers

    These amazing goldfish crackers are just the real thing...only vegan! You'll have so much fun making these with your kids.

    Photo: ChefChloe.com

  • Lamb Cupcakes 19 of 26
    lamb cupcakes

    Who doesn't love a sweet little lamb. Make these adorable cupcakes with soft, sweet marshmallows for the whole family to enjoy.

    Photo: Shaina Olmanson

  • Spider Pops 20 of 26
    Spider Pops

    Creepy crawling spiders...eww.... Thankfully they are so easy to make with lollipops and pipe cleaners.

    Photo: Ohdeedoh

  • Owl Cupcakes 21 of 26
    Owl Cupcakes

    Whooo, whoo.... Can you hear them? These cute owl faces are so much fun for kids and adults. Get your youngest kids involved in making them.

    Photo: Paula Jones

  • Jelly Worms 22 of 26
    Jelly Worms

    Adorable? Not quite. In fact, OMG - this bowl of worms is so gross! The funny thing is that they taste so good... they are made from jello and straws. Come check out how to make them and gross out your neighbors.

    Photo: Instructables

  • Chocolate Animal Crackers 23 of 26
    Chocolate Animal Crackers

    Little animal crackers are the best. Make them into chocolate animals by dipping them in chocolate and sprinkles!

    Photo: Kathy Patalsky

  • Watermelon Ladybug 24 of 26
    Watermelon Ladybug

    Check out this adorable ladybug! She is so pretty and would be adorable for a summer cocktail party centerpiece.

    Photo: Watermelon.org

  • Cucumber Snake 25 of 26
    Cucumber Snake

    These healthy cute snakes are so much fun to serve up for after school snack time.

    Photo: Paula Jones

  • 6 More Adorable Food Animals 26 of 26
    Fruit Frog Recipes

    In case you want to check out a few more food animals, here they are!

    Photo: Disney Spoonful.com

Top Photo: Disney Family Fun Magazine

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