Afterschool Snack Fun: Squirmy, Wormy Apples

No one wants to eat a rotten apple.  But, a “rotten” apple which has been hollowed out, filled with peanut butter, and placed on your plate with a gummy worm crawling from a round little hole?  Now that’s a different story.  In fact, that is an ideal afterschool snack.  These fun, edible crafts are quick and easy to make, full of nutrition and fun. 

My kids love how they are proferred a teensy taste of their favorite gummy candy with these squirmy rotten apples.  I love how it encourages them to sit at the kitchen table and play with their food.   There is something about a gummy worm crawling out of an apple that seems to incite stories and imagination.  Accomplishing all of this while eating an afterschool snack with my kids?  Yep, that’s a perfect treat, all right. 

Use up that bounty of autumn apples with this easy, kid-friendly snack. Parents will have to do the most of the cutting, but kids will enjoy helping fill the apple with peanut butter, and placing their gummy worms in just-the-right spot.
1 apple
1 gummy worm
1 tablespoon peanut butter
1 large straw (I used a thick, Boba tea straw and a Slurpee straw and both worked perfectly)
Press the straw into the apple, ensuring that it goes all the way to the center core of the apple. Remove the straw and discard. Use a sharp knife to cut the top 1/3 off of the apple. Scrape the core out of the bottom part of the apple with a grapefruit spoon.  Gently place your gummy worm into the center of your apple, and through the hole you’ve created with your straw.  Spoon a dollop of peanut butter on top of the gummy worm, into the hollowed-out center of the apple.  Replace the top of the apple.  Serve immediately & enjoy!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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